How To Start a Blog In 20 Minute -The Newbie Guide

Starting a blog in 2018 is much easier than any other year before now. It is a terrific idea to start a blog since it is cheaper to own and operate these days. This is not an affiliate article (I will not market anything here), although I will recommend a cms, suggest few hosting companies

The Top 28 Blog Ideas To Make Money Online In 2018

    Blog ideas to make money online in 2018 : List of website ideas that can earn you a decent pay this 2018. In this article you will find your dream online job or extra income spinning blog ideas that you can begin right now. First of all within just 2 months ago I

7 Easy Ways To Make Extra Income Before Dec 30th 2017

Learn 7 Ways to Make extra income to finance your Christmas celebration this 2017. The first thing to know when pursuing an extra income is that nothing comes for free without an investment on your part. The second thing to know is that extra income is just little loose change that comes in as your

The 13 Free SEO Keywords Research Tools For Online Business

These 13 free SEO keywords research tools would help you stay ahead of your online competitors because you get to see what your audience search for online and also get to spy the backend of your competitors. This article is for everyone who is into or about to begin one business or another online such

See Why Degree Certificates Are The New Crutch In Nigeria

I know of a 22 years old high school dropout who is into advanced fee fraud as a result he own three cars,a personally built bungalow and boasts of 20 Million Naira in his personal stash box. On the other hand I know of a graduate of business administration ,who told me his only reason

How The Power Of Sex Appeal Seal Business Deals

If advertisements believe in the power of sex appeal, so should you if you want your business to thrive. In the year 2014 when I was working as an apprentice/protege of an advertising executive we visited a very high and mighty politician to pitch for a multi-million naira worth of advertising deal. On getting to

Interview Session with Fashion Blogger Itoro Essien

According to what we read and see on Fashion bloggers’ blog, their lives appear to be a true dream world. As you go through their collections often, it’s only human to find yourself envying their undeniably appealing day- to day outfits. Due to a lot of curiosity to know how a fashion blogger’s life and

Proofs that Tstv.Tv & Tstvnigeria Are Online Scammers-Dealer

This is an insider whistle blowing reports that proofs and Tstv.TV are out to scam unsuspecting Nigerians online through their perfectly cloned websites of In this report you will get to see the phone number and email address of Bright Echefu the CEO of Tstv , you will also see how 419 successfully

How to Get More Clients For Your Business Fast

If you’re a service provider or coach, you may be looking to grow your business quickly. After all, the fuller your schedule, the more you can be sure you’re financially secure. To get more clients fast, there are three sure-fire ways to go about it. Referral System Referrals are when someone, generally a happy client,