The 13 Free SEO Keywords Research Tools For Online Business

These 13 free SEO keywords research tools would help you stay ahead of your online competitors because you get to see what your audience search for online and also get to spy the backend of your competitors.

This article is for everyone who is into or about to begin one business or another online such as blogging,eCommerce biz and internet marketing.

Do not ever write another article on your blog without using any of the below free SEO Keywords research tools. And if you’re new in the internet marketing world,do not launch yet until you have tried all these SEO keywords research tools.

How nice it is to just enter a website and type a keyword and see the volume of search behind it. Keywords mastery is the alpha and omega power that rules the online world.

For example if I had known all these tools I want to reveal below before now I wouldn’t have built this website. As at now my knowledge of these keywords research tool has helped me to launch two new websites that earn 3,000 dollars every month all within the space of 2 months.

If I were to go back in time and I needed to start a website that earns fat cash here are the steps I’d take with the below free keywords  research tools.


1 Mondovo :  This tool is inevitable for everyone who is serious about internet business.

First it gives you an absolute insight into the list of all the most searched keywords online and the monthly search results.

The idea behind this website is to reveal the top searched keywords lists of the most popular google search term across categories.

It is very important to ask what people want online before delving into internet marketing. This tool gives you a total view of all the keywords in your desired categories along side the top google searches with their search volume and CPC(Cost per click)data.

There is a link under each category that enables you to view the entire list of searched keywords.

The sweetest part is that you can download the data all for free.

In a nutshell,Mondovo enables you to uncover every insights about the online world as it reveals outstanding facts backed data that would blow your mind.


2 Wow(Worth of Web : This tool is what enables you access the estimated worth of your competitors website.

You get to see how many visitors your competitors get every month and every year.

On this tool you will see the rank of your competitors,the user interface rating of their website,and every other thing that is right and wrong about their website.

How much money the visitors mean to the website on a daily,monthly and yearly basis.

This tool is so indispensable because if you are about to start a website you need to know if money would be in it before you begin.

It is a priceless internet marketing advantage to have a total idea of what your online competitors are experiencing. This tool is perfect and handy.


3 SST(Small Seo Tools)    Ironically this is a big Seo tool,and also as free as it comes.

You’d be blown away as soon as you enter the website. Checkout the almost 50 unique points of this killer Keywords SEO tool.

  • You type keywords and it vomits everything you need to know about the keywords from search volume to number of competition for it to CPC to whether or not the keyword is easy to rank for among 20 other valuable insights.

  • Plagiarism checker: This tool let you analyse your written content for plagiarism.

  • Article rewriter: This tool helps you to rewrite your articles in ways that is free of grammatical errors,easy to rank on search engines and robust with the right keywords for the selected topic.

  • Grammar Checker : Your article grammar is going to be flawless after scrutinizing it with this tool.

  • Website Seo Score Checker: Checkout the SEO score of your competitors website as well as yours. It is important to know the SEO score of your website so that you can know where to channel your strategy.

  • Reverse image Search : Have you ever tried knowing the original source of an image you found online? This tools enables you to trace the image to its root and real owner. This is indispensable tool for checking out plagiarism as far as pictures is concerned.

  • Keywords Position : This shows you the position of any given keywords online. If you want to begin an online business it pays to know the search engine and social media position of any given keyword you want to use.

  • Backlinks checker : The name is clear,this tool allow you to check the backlinks of your competitors. More like spying to see where the link juice of your competitors business is pumping from.

  • Google PageRank checker : Ever wanted to know your article or website rank on google? This tool helps you to do this seamlessly. Matter of fact you can use it to check your competitors rank among many other insight.

  • Moz rank Checker

  • Google cache checker

  • Website page checker

  • Keywords density Checker

  • Website ping tool

  • Domain age checker

  • Alexa rank checker

  • Spell checker

  • Domain authority checker

All the above and so much more are what you will get from this tool.

You see why I called it big seo tool,matter of fact it is one of the biggest seo tool I have seen so far.

I spend hours on this tool daily and my clients love me and pay me fat for the info I get from Small SEO tools.

4 Webconf : This is a website keywords ranking tool that gives you access to data of your website and that of your competitors.

This tool helps you to uncover keywords on page two that you can bump to the search engine first page.

It helps you find new and high traffic keywords that can be used for your profit.

This tool is awesome and filled with more than enough content that gives you leverage over your competitors.

5 IMN(International marketing ninja) This is a keyword density analysis tool that enables you to check the influence and value of your keywords.

All you have to do is type a web page address and get an accurate analysis of the keywords embedded in it. This is a more than priceless free tool that helps you write content that win first page in search engines.

6 SEOPressor : This is a tool that uses keywords to generate a masterpiece title for your pages. We all know that titles is what bring people into your website.

7 Vretoolbar :This is a keywords niche research tool that generates random hot cake untapped niches.

You can use this tool to get list of profitable niches.

8 Ranksonic : I love this one because it is a perfectly two in one tool that helps you discover search volume of a keyword according to geographical location . It also let you fill in a website to see the keywords density in it.

For example if you want to create a website in Nigeria you can use Nigeria as your geographical location and type the keyword you want to check to see how many Nigerians search for the keywords monthly.

8 Keywords shitter : lol this is a tool that poos every keywords related to your query.

For example if you typed mustard seed,it would generate every ways and keywords that online audience searches for mustard seed.

9 Wordtracker: This one reveals over a thousand long tail keywords that people search Google,youtube and amazon for. I love this tool.

10 Kwfinder: This tool let you see whether or not you should use a particular keywords. It shows how difficult or easy it is to rank for a keyword.

It is highly useful because it shows you who are topping the search engine with your desired keywords and whether or not you will succeed with such keywords.

You’re allowed to use it just five times a day for free. It is so useful a tool that you will always run back to it.

11 Niche laboratory: An indispensable tool for researching a niche based on keywords. It shows you online and social influencers in the keywords,the rank of the influencers occupy and lots more.

I use this tool for over 10 different things and boy oh boy I am always happy about it.

12 Traffic estimate: This tool enables you to get a free website traffic report for any domain.

On this tool you will find info such as site ranking and much more about a website than you can imagine.

13 Lean domain search : This tool is used for getting keywords domain name based on your query. It reveals the available domain name,the available social media name of a domain and much more.

That’s all for now folks,go ahead and enjoy all these free keywords research tools. Bookmark this site for join my mailing list for more useful online business hacks.



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