13 Niche Blog Ideas For Profitable Online Business In Nigeria

o2tvseries.com is owned by a Nigerian and boast of over 4 million monthly views. For a series downloading niche to get that much views and visit shows that Nigeria is a profitable place for some of the most ignored niches to thrive.

The fact that Nigerians are one of  highest consumers of adult movies on earth also shows that more people are online these days than in the past. As a matter of fact it is statistically proven that 86 million Nigerians are online.

So why would you shy away from these niches that are sure to trend before 2020?

Let me imagine you already know what niche means and if you don’t know it simply means an idea that solves a particular problem for online users.

Below you will see 13 notable niches that are most likely to dominate the Nigeria web soon.

I have classified these Niches into 2 categories

Insane Niches(I classified this niche as insane because most Nigerians are still close minded about the categories within it,however that does not cancel the fact that it is a niche that has a dedicated cult of followers.)

Sane Niches

 7 Insane Niches

1) Secret Gay/Lesbianism Dating Site Nigeria: I am a journalist and I walk round the country clockwise and anticlockwise searching for relevant information always. During my search I meet all categories of people and it might shock you to discover that there are more secret gays in the power seat than you can imagine. I am not a gay but I believe in live and let live so according to many relevant sources,gay will soon be legalized and the niche is going to be a bomb. It is a known fact online that Nigerians are one of the highest consumers of gay porn on Earth

2) Suicide Solution Niche: These recession period really caused havoc in the psyche of so many Nigerians and as a result many are committing suicide and so many others are contemplating suicide daily. A niche that addresses this issue is on the verge of super prosperity if tapped into earlier.Google is so serious about this issue that it decided to contact anyone who type suicide into the search engine.

3) Transgender Niche: I know Bobrisky and Denrele are no stranger to you,so you must have seen how many people follow these guy to note that this niche will shine. Transgenders do not just change overnight there are processes involved and when you talk about these processes and the rest, then you will get your dedicated followers. Matter of fact there are drugs that alters the physical shape of a person in preparation for a transgender operation.

4) BDSM Blogging Niche: You watched 50 shades of grey and I hope you know how Nigerians never stopped talking about it many months after. Matter of fact Nigerians downloaded the movies more times than you can imagine. Okay B means Bondage, D means Dominance, S means Submission and M mean Masochism. Now there are people who like to get under the sheet that way. They need ideas on how to go about it and they also need materials/ costumes to make it possible,well here you go.

5) Exposed Cheating Niche: Look around you there are so many affordable spy cameras everywhere and there is an equal market of infidelity waiting to be plucked. You don’t know what you are missing in this market until you begin to teach people how and where to put cameras in hidden places that can expose a cheating spouse.

All you need to do here is make it a relationship blog that solely talk about cheating and how to catch a cheater using spy cameras. That is all and the next thing you know this is a money making opportunity for you though affiliate programs from either konga or jumia.

6) Mental illness Niche: This niche has nearly 21 million secretly dying people waiting for you. Well I am a Chronic depression patient and I have met many people who are like me online and offline.Church cannot cure this illness, therapy alone can cure it.  Do you know how many mental health issues cases walk around you these days? From Bipolar to ADHD to hallucinations do you know how many people you can reach with this particular niche alone ?

7) Alcoholics Anonymous / drug addiction Anonymous Niche

Yes many Nigerians want to know how to escape booze or drug addiction. If you doubt me take a nose dive into this niche to find out how many followers you will get. A lot of people are really interested in knowing how to get rid of this particular problem and you see it is an opportunity for anyone to maximize.

6 Sane Niches

8) Spare parts niche: An online spare parts classified shop that picks either one particular car brand will trend. For example call your site Toyota spare part in Nigeria, and you get enough mechanics to put these parts on your store for a fee or free. You know the common cars that Nigerians like so it is easy to  come up with any of the brand names and begin a niche site with it.

9) Car Mechanic Classified Niche sites : Yes you can have an online platforms where mechanics all around Nigeria can put up their profile for hire. It will depend on each mechanic to prove his or her worth and let their happy customers review and recommend them for the next customer. Imagine how mighty you will be online when you are able to dominate this niche that has an easy and ready market.

10) Tailors Classified Niche Site: Yes fashion is what never go out of style so starting a niche for fashion designers to display their expertise will be a welcome idea for Nigerians. It is easy just get some tailors around you to put up their designs on your site and display their contact , before you know it will be a fashion market for all.

11) Catering Classified Niche Site for caterers to display their work and bid for customers.

12) Makeup artist classified niche site for make up artists to display their work and bid for customers.

13) Modelling Classified Niche site for models to display their photos and bid for modelling jobs.

Now the ball is in your court to decide whether you want to play with one of the above niches or not.

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