Month: August 2017

These 18 New Niches Worth Millions Will ‎Dominate Nigeria In 2018

Niche marketing is one of the most effective ways for marketing beginners to make money online. It allows beginners to bypass a lot of the competition they’d face with other approaches. You’ll be able to build up experience, tactics, make money and get real-world feedback in a small field that’s tilted in your favor. In

How To Make Money As A New Blogger In Nigeria

When you mention blogging in Nigeria, moneymaking and Linda Ikeji suddenly flashes in nearly 90% of both newbie and veteran bloggers mind. You know why this happen? Simple, we have been primed in our psyche to believe blogging brings money because Linda is making it as a blogger. In an ideal world that would have

21 Career Success Hacks You Need To Know As A Fresh Graduate

I graduated eight years ago and throughout my stay in the labor market I have come to discover that aside from qualifications there are certain success hacks that needs to be embedded in fresh graduates before they land their first job. In this article you will learn the 21 Secret Hacks That Top CEOs &