5 Inmotionhosting Hot Reasons Why I Fired 8 Major WebHost

I have been creating blogs from the scratch since 2010 and I have used over 8 major web host to startup blogs for myself and some of my clients. Aside the major pitfalls associated with some of these big league hosting companies, my major problem with them is that their server is either always down or they have poor customer relations.

Well then along the line a friend who works in Microsoft suggested I tried [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotionhosting” text=”inmotionhosting”]. My question to him was why [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotion hosting” text=”inmotionhosting”]?

I scoffed at his advice but since I cannot go outside the online world I finally decided to launch this site out of the blue with [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotion hosting” text=”inmotionhosting”] from Nigeria.

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Do you know that you can register your domain with [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotion hosting” text=”inmotionhosting”] using a Nigeria naira mastercard? It is a simple and straight forward process. I used Gt bank card. And 7 of my clients also paid with First bank mastercard, Access bank mastercard and FCMB mastercard.

In the beginning years of my blogging I first decided to use 3 of Africa’s’ major hosting companies to test my blogging prowess, but it was a major mistake I regretted within days.

Then I began to search online for reviews about international hosting companies, 5 major hosting companies caught my curiosity and I used all of them at once to host my blogs and my clients’ e-commerce businesses.

My nightmares knew no end because of these 5 major hosting companies which I won’t want to mention here owing to the fact that I am a Public relations officer.

The hosting company that hurt me the most has the number 1 in its initials, and the other one that messed my integrity up before 4 major clients has G in its initials. Let us not talk about how one of the hosting company that has W in its initial turned out to be a fraud that most online marketers only hype because of its high affiliate commission.

Now my hosting nightmare is over because of [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotion hosting” text=”inmotionhosting”] and see the 5 simple reasons below.

  • 90 Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee: No other hosting company on earth makes this huge claim because they are afraid that they cannot back it up. However [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotion hosting” text=”inmotionhosting”] gives the 90 days(3 months) money back guarantee on their hosting plans and really they mean it. Note the maximum money back guarantee period that other web host offer is 45 days.
  • Alert, Attentive And Supportive Customer Care: I had never been as pessimistic as I was before joining [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotion hosting” text=”inmotionhosting”] , well you will not blame me judging from my experience with previous hosting companies. I feigned ignorance in everything about blogging and will chat their customer care up on questions that I could easily get from their community. The customer care were resourceful and helpful, one of them even offered some after sales assistance to me.
  • Speed of my Website: Check here for yourself and see how fast my pages load. It is so easy to believe their promise about this “Our data centers are Category A, PCI compliant. With advanced Smart Routing™ technology, advanced DDOS protection & premium bandwidth providers, we maintain 99.99% network uptime”.
    Screenshot of paybackjob google page insight
    See my google desktop page speed test 2 seconds load time
    Screenshot of paybackjob google page insight
    See my mobile site page speed test 4.seconds load time
    Screenshot of smartpassiveincome google page insight
    See my Wife’s crush and mentor page speed test(He is Pat a Genius in Online marketing,he uses bluehost) 10 seconds load time
    Screenshot of smartpassiveincome google page insight
    Pat Desktop speed insight is still great and it loads at 5 seconds
  • Security, Free backups and All: [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotion hosting” text=”Inmotionhosting”] uses top security measures like auto-updates on web apps, FREE SSL(Highly useful for search engine ranking), hack protection, custom firewall, and DDoS protection to keep your websites safe. And you will have no fear about losing your files because you have a free backup system that gets you covered.
  • Free Advertising Bonus: You get access to free 250 dollars advertising credit to promote your blog with on bing,google and yandex . Well mine is still coasting on the corner somewhere. I still wonder how they managed to give me an ad credit that is nearly 3 times the value that I paid for my hosting plan.
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The other reasons why I will advise you to go for [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotion hosting” text=”Inmotionhosting”] is because of their unlimited disk space, over 100 free software that you can launch your site with among many other benefits that I and my clients currently enjoy.

If parting with few extra cent to get a quality hosting company is top on your mind then I will advise you to choose [eafl id=”1373″ name=”Inmotion hosting” text=”inmotionhosting”].


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