Author: Princess Ariyike Temitope

Interview Session with Fashion Blogger Itoro Essien

According to what we read and see on Fashion bloggers’ blog, their lives appear to be a true dream world. As you go through their collections often, it’s only human to find yourself envying their undeniably appealing day- to day outfits. Due to a lot of curiosity to know how a fashion blogger’s life and

Check Out The Amazing Artworks Of This 17 Years Old Artist

The near perfect artistic works of Boniface captured my attention the first time I spotted them. I was blown away by how his images looked realistic,neat and inspirational,because of that I decided to interview him so that I can help hype his works for the world to see. Boniface is a 17 years old artist.

Pension & Retirement In Nigeria-Pitfalls To Avoid

Interview with Babatunde Raimi Babatunde Raimi is a Life Coach and multiple Award Winning Internationally Published Author of the books “PLANNING YOUR RETIREMENT” and “THE BEAUTY OF TRAGEDY”. He is also the Managing Partner of BR Consult.  Through his books and seminars with great results, appraisals and testimonials from individuals, organizations, ministries, departments and agencies,

5 Simple Ways To Handle Criticism

Almost every day either we or someone we love experience Criticism. Faced with being misunderstood we respond. How we respond to criticism is the measure of our manhood (equally woman hood). Learning how to respond to criticism and to deal with the negative things people say to us is a step of maturity and personal

How to Become Financially Free Before January 2018

Becoming financially free by the end of the year is possible if you take control of your money and life style and stick to your intention as the highest priority. Even if you are in debt right now, with some planning, you can end the year with savings in the bank if you take time

A Pepsi Bottle On The Floor Inspired My Makeup-Winifred

Pepsi face make-up artist & model Winifred shares how she got the inspiration of her recent Pepsi trending picture and more, in this exclusive & inspiring interview. Winifred Ezeagu is a student, a make-up artist and an upcoming model. She recently show cased her unique talent by doing a makeover with the Pepsi logo which

Beauty Therapy Biz Is Profitable In Nigeria-Dolapo Odedina

Dolapo Odedina is a Nurse and a skincare therapist. She is the CEO of Oddy Dee Beauty Therapy and Spa, a company that is into production of quality and harmless skincare products for the purpose of enhancing great glowing skin for people that are willing to have it. In this exclusive interview that I had

Financial Freedom Tips for Nigerians

We live in a very funny world. Today, the consumerism policies has taken over the business scene. This simply means that many tend to spend more than they can afford. In most cases, this occurs when one person tries to live up to the expectations of others. In the end, the general financial situation tends

How to Make Money Online In Nigeria– The Easy Steps

If you ask how to make money online, you’re generally going to hear one of two things. You’re going to hear people telling you that you can’t make money online. That all the good topics and business models are taken up. However, that’s untrue. You’re also going to hear people who will promise you that