Beauty Therapy Biz Is Profitable In Nigeria-Dolapo Odedina

Dolapo Odedina is a Nurse and a skincare therapist. She is the CEO of Oddy Dee Beauty Therapy and Spa, a company that is into production of quality and harmless skincare products for the purpose of enhancing great glowing skin for people that are willing to have it.

In this exclusive interview that I had with her, she emphasized the opportunities available in being a beauty therapist and how profitable the business is.

Below you will also see where to get access to beauty therapy products for your use or as a retailer such as students,unemployed graduates who want to earn extra cash selling beauty products.

  • How did Oddy Dee beauty therapy start?

The journey started about 5 years ago when I realized nature had so much to offer in terms of making our skin look good

Skin transformation according to Oddy dee-paybackjob
One out of Oddy dee’s happy clients
  • What major benefits does your business offer to the public?

Firstly I train people who desire to begin beauty therapy business from the scratch. Secondly I sell quality organic beauty treatment products at affordable prices to re-sellers and wholesalers. Thirdly I formulate pure organic beauty treatment for individuals based on their skin type.

Skin transformation according to Oddy dee-paybackjob

  • You are a nurse and a beauty therapist, what is the inspiration behind your career path and how do you skillfully combine both careers?

The inspiration behind my nursing profession is my mom, while the inspiration behind skincare is myself. I always felt ugly whenever I saw light skinned ladies, I always wished I was light skinned. So I had to come up with something that could make my dream and others that felt the same way like me come to reality. Combining the two professions is very easy for me because they are both about people’s physical well-being

  • What are the major opportunities available in this business and how profitable is it?

There are many opportunities, but the main one is getting to meet different caliber of people on a daily basis.Yes! Being a beauty therapist is highly profitable

Skin transformation according to Oddy dee-paybackjob

  • What distinguishes you from other beauty therapists?

What distinguishes me from others is that I practice what I preach which is organic skincare. No use of harmful chemicals at all, as I don’t ever want to put anyone to the risk of skin cancer. I have seen cases of skin cancer due to the use of harmful chemicals and I don’t wish to pay anyone back with such for patronizing my business.

  • What do you find unique about the business you do?

What I find unique about my business is the fact that I formulate skincare products that gives superb results to my clients

  • From your experience so far, what are the disadvantages of being a beauty therapist?

Even though most jobs have their hazards, being a beauty therapist does not have any disadvantages.

  • What sacrifices have you had to make to ensure your business is successful, and do you feel the sacrifices were worth it?

I have sacrificed so many things. It takes determination and self-control to be successful in a business.

  • What are the challenges that newbies would probably face while stepping into the beauty industry?

The major challenge  newbies might face in this business is inferiority complex, because there are so many therapists out there

  • How would you advice such people to handle such a challenge?

My advice is for such people to stay focused and fight their fears by being confident in the works of their hands.Who knows, they might be the greatest someday

  • What particular skills or talents does a beauty therapist need to be effective?

It is highly essential for a beauty therapist to be real and outspoken.

  • Are there educational requirements for this job?

There are no educational requirements for this job, but it is highly essential to be skilled in order to fit into the group of Skincare therapists.

  • Do you think the government is doing enough to encourage entrepreneurship among Nigerian youths?

The government has really been fair enough in encouraging entrepreneurship among Nigerian youths because there are no boundaries to being a business owner in the country, which is why we have a lot of young and successful CEOs

Skin transformation according to Oddy dee-paybackjob

  • What advice would you like to give youths out there that are aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs?

My candid advice to youths out there that are aspiring to be great entrepreneurs is to always put God first in all they do, they should be focused, determined and unshakable in their beliefs.

  • How can an aspiring beauty therapist, a retailer or a customer contact you?

Our store is located at No 24 olowu street opposite medview airline ikeja lagos
Whatsapp: 07032372339
Join our bbm channel C002DE6F9 for more testimonies on our products benefits and training programs.

Thank you Dolapo  for such an insightful interview session.

Dolapo Odedina-paynbackjob
Dolapo Odedina The CEO of Oddy dee beauty therapy

Beauty therapy business is a profitable source of livelihood , is it not obvious from her skin glow that Dolapo is walking her talk. I think this is an opportunity for you to contact her and learn the hacks about being a super successful beauty care therapist in Nigeria.


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