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The 13 Free SEO Keywords Research Tools For Online Business

These 13 free SEO keywords research tools would help you stay ahead of your online competitors because you get to see what your audience search for online and also get to spy the backend of your competitors. This article is for everyone who is into or about to begin one business or another online such

How to Become Financially Free Before January 2018

Becoming financially free by the end of the year is possible if you take control of your money and life style and stick to your intention as the highest priority. Even if you are in debt right now, with some planning, you can end the year with savings in the bank if you take time

Get Architecture Resources For Free From Any Of These 21 Websites

You can get certificate for learning architecture online from some of these free online architecture schools.These days you have no excuse for ignorance because online education can give you access to information in any subject matter including architecture. Are you an architect or an aspiring one who desire to get advance knowledge in your field

Financial Freedom Tips for Nigerians

We live in a very funny world. Today, the consumerism policies has taken over the business scene. This simply means that many tend to spend more than they can afford. In most cases, this occurs when one person tries to live up to the expectations of others. In the end, the general financial situation tends

How To Get Recession-Proof Jobs In Nigeria

Recession may be a very obstinate thing.  Once it drops in, it may take a while for it to dissolve and disappear.  But, that doesn’t mean that we ought to merely sit by and let it overpower us.  It may, after all, wreck mayhem on our finances and personal lives.  In these hard times, discovering

21 Career Success Hacks You Need To Know As A Fresh Graduate

I graduated eight years ago and throughout my stay in the labor market I have come to discover that aside from qualifications there are certain success hacks that needs to be embedded in fresh graduates before they land their first job. In this article you will learn the 21 Secret Hacks That Top CEOs &

How To Profit From The Business Of Your Mind

One day I saw my uncle open a capsule and swallowed the content,after which he threw the case away. I asked him why? He said “You do not judge a capsule potency by its case,but by its content. Your purpose in life is what you think it is,your life is what you fashion it to

8 Well Paying Jobs, 8 Scary Ironies And 8 Simple Solutions

Take a look around you and notice the wide gulf between most people work life and their personal lives. It is abysmally sad to see that most  people live a double life of Job face versus Home face, below are 8 unique examples.                    8 Jobs, 8 Contradictions, 8 Solutions   The Secretly Depressed/Hot