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See Why Degree Certificates Are The New Crutch In Nigeria

I know of a 22 years old high school dropout who is into advanced fee fraud as a result he own three cars,a personally built bungalow and boasts of 20 Million Naira in his personal stash box. On the other hand I know of a graduate of business administration ,who told me his only reason

Simple Tips For Stress Management

Stress management isn’t as hard as it may actually appear.  However, we can’t accent this next point enough.  If you believe you’ve too much stress in your life, it might be helpful to talk with your doctor, spiritual advisor, or local mental health connection. Because responses to stress may be a factor in depression, anxiety

5 Simple Ways To Handle Criticism

Almost every day either we or someone we love experience Criticism. Faced with being misunderstood we respond. How we respond to criticism is the measure of our manhood (equally woman hood). Learning how to respond to criticism and to deal with the negative things people say to us is a step of maturity and personal

7 Life-saving ways to Help a Person Suffering from Depression

I used to be a chronic depression patient and through the period of my mental illness I was able to learn the following are seven ways to help a person who is suffering from depression. In Nigeria depression is everywhere but most people do not admit it because they are ashamed of the stigma attached

Goal Setting Tips You Must Follow To Achieve Your Dreams

Are you frustrated when nothing works out in your favor? Do you get depressed when you do not achieve the desired success? When you do not get the results you desire, then you tend to look for tips everywhere that can help you to achieve your goals. Here are some strategies that you can apply