Check Out The Amazing Artworks Of This 17 Years Old Artist

The near perfect artistic works of Boniface captured my attention the first time I spotted them. I was blown away by how his images looked realistic,neat and inspirational,because of that I decided to interview him so that I can help hype his works for the world to see.

Meet Boniface the 17 Years Old Artist
Artistic work of Vice President of Nigeria
This picture is the exact representation of Professor Osibanjo the Vice President of Nigeria

Boniface is a 17 years old artist. Although he has been painting and drawing since he was a child, still that didn’t stop him from learning more about art under Noble Art Kingdom in Lagos. In this interview he shares his inspiration, challenges as an artist and his future plans for artists.

One of the works of Boniface

When you’re done reading this interview and seeing Boniface artworks,you will be so thrilled to make him trend because his story as well as his works touches the heart.

When did you begin drawing ?

I have been drawing since I was in primary school,however I lost interest in art after I lost my Dad,It was this year after my exams that I decided to pursue a course in Noble Art Kingdom Ikorodu where I have since learned other interesting dimension of Art.

What inspires you to draw ?

Nature inspires me because I like to make the objects and subjects I draw to look like their real life representation.

What are the challenges you face as an artist in Nigeria?

One of the challenges I face is the high cost of art materials such as paints, oil and colors.

The second challenge is that only few Nigerians appreciate artworks,so you will find parents rather encouraging their children to be doctors,lawyers and engineers and you will hardly see any parents  who will encourage their children to be artists.

It is a very lonely journey as a budding artist in Nigeria therefore one need to be passionate about art otherwise one might get discouraged easily.

What opportunities have you enjoyed so far as an artist ?

This is a self employed job for me and through it I have been able to make some money to sponsor myself  through technical school.

I have also been privileged to meet Nigerians who truly appreciated my work and promote my services.

What are the things you need to help you become a better artist than you already are ?

I still consider myself a learner therefore I wish to meet major artists in Nigeria and abroad so that I can acquire knowledge on different ways of doing artworks

I also need money for learning more about arts and buying arts materials.

Where do you see yourself in future as an artist ?

I see myself owning a very big art gallery where various artists will display their works for customers to buy.

I also see myself giving opportunities to primary and secondary school children to learn about art from my art school.

I also believe that  in future I will use proceeds from my artworks for immense charity activities.

What is your advice for those people who are struggling to find their talents ?

Everyone has a potential to be great and they have what it takes within them. My advice is to keep doing everything you like to do until you find that one thing you are obsessed about.

How can people reach you to order for your artworks ?

You can reach me on my number 07031048441. I can also be reached via my facebook page bon.best7

Thank you Boniface for this interview, I wish you best of luck in your craft.

It was really an awesome moment with this young artist who will one day represent Nigeria in the art world.

Let his other artwork below do the talking,and kindly share this post to encourage him and attract the right attention to his works.

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