Earn 500k Monthly Income in Nigeria through This ‘Undiscovered Online Niche’

Life cannot be so difficult for you that you won’t want to eat when you know the way to your mouth and have two naked eyes to see this superb opportunity that I am about to reveal below.

E-commerce can be a cold and lonely world at times because nearly everything there is to be online are already online.  All you just need to do to carve a niche for yourself is pick out a single most demanded product or service to begin a business on solely. That is what niche is all about. The era of generalized e-business is slowly fading away and this is the dawn of niche business when customers can visit a store for a particular service and another store for something else.

When you dominate a niche online, you have earned a reputation that your customers can trust. And since the first currency of online transaction is trust, then you need more of that from your potential customers before they can give you a dime.

As at now this niche I am about to reveal is so hot, uncharted and in constant demand at home and abroad.

As a matter of fact my primary source of this niche is a Major Agribusiness Merchant who is making mad money in Abuja via this business among his many other farm ventures. However he is a bit old school and doesn’t have any idea about creating an e-business for this idea of his. Well because he is my client does not mean I won’t share this secret with you. After all paybackjob is about revealing hidden money making secrets among many other vital career enhancing scoops.

See the Niche Below

An e-commerce that sells:

  • Frozen Snail
  • Spiced Snail
  • Live Snail

See Channels TV report on how much money snail can generate

Now before I go into details, below are the pictures of my source and his snails. He has so much snails that his only tears is that the snails are not enough for the demand.

My source when he first bought his snails at a ridiculously cheap price from the villagers near the city where lives
He sold the same snails at 5 times the profits just few days later in the city


Snails might be a slow moving creature but all over the world it has a fast moving market. Even whites are in demand of snails’ exportation from Nigeria.

You can’t go wrong with this business because it is the easiest and sweat-less business to do as I earlier mentioned in one of my past posts about snails.

My source left few remaining snails because they lay eggs back to back.
Snails are easy to manage and rear because they consume just vegetables and fruits.You do not have to worry about much running cost from when you buy it until when you sell it.

How to Begin This Niche?

Since you do not have an e-commerce business at the moment, then the first thing you need to do is get a domain name (Contact me on my email journalist@paybackjob.com for free domain name ideas that earn you SEO Ranking) for your business click this link below;

WordPress Hosting LP

then buy their pro plan package for WordPress websites because it comes with SSL which will protect your e-commerce business from fraudulent activities if you’re to receive payment online.

Now that you have secured a domain, the next thing you should do is to find out where you can buy snails around you. The snail prices in Rural Areas of Nigeria are affordable than those in the City.

You can buy snails in bulk price of 300 to 400 naira per one in the city (such as Lagos) and in a rural area such as Shagamu you can get bulk snails for as low as 100 naira per one.

See further details on where to rear your snails, what your snails should eat and how to go about live snails business.

What Else do you need to begin this Niche?

  • You need a Local chef who will be responsible for cooking and dressing the snails and probably baking it as spiced snails.
  • You also need a freezer where you can store your ready to cook and ready to eat snails.
  • You need to get transparent branded nylon (It cost less than a thousand naira to make bulk customized nylon at Ojota market) remember packaging means everything in business. If you packaged it in a black blank nylon then that would negatively affect the value of your products in the market.
  • You can decide whether you want to use scale to determine the price of your snail or just sell it at a fixed price.

Now that you have settled the offline aspect of the business,let us continue with the online aspect.

You have already bought your pro plan package for Word Press on inmotionhosting

WordPress Hosting LP

Now you will have to begin the work on your e-commerce website.

Make sure your e-commerce has 3 main categories:

  • Spiced Grilled Snails
  • Frozen Snails
  • Live Snails
  • You should also be up for home delivery.

If you cannot service the whole Nigeria with your snail then make your site a B2B, C2B, classified snail site where farmers nationwide can sell their snail while you earn commission off their sale or you could decide to earn advertisement revenue from just google adsense and affiliate programs.

Check the below websites articles to see how to build an e-commerce website from the scratch within minutes.

The 3 hour plus Video you can watch on how to build an e-comnmerce website with wordpress from the scratch

If you need someone else to build your website for you then you can contact me on my email journalist@paybackjob.com to assist you for a token price.

Now let us assume you already have the e-commerce ready, then it is time to create social media account for your snails business.

For this type of businesses you can create Instagram, Facebook and Twitter because you will have to be showing your audience the sizzling spicy snails you sell as well as the frozen and live snails you sell.

You should also come up with a lot of concepts on how to prepare snails then begin YouTube videos that teaches these concepts.

When your business begin you need to write articles about benefits of snail to human health so that your customers can always see you on the top of search engine when they type ‘snails for sale in Nigeria’.

No one has an e-commerce about snails in Nigeria and this niche is set to dominate if you take advantage of it.

 Why Else Do You Need To Take Advantage of this Niche?

Let us say you bought a single snail for 200 naira,then sell it for 400 each when it is live and 500 naira when frozen and 600 naira when it is spiced and ready to eat,imagine the kind of profit you will be making.

Your online and offline customers are:

  • Caterers
  • Hotels
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Supermarkets
  • And Airlines among many individuals who prefer snail to any other meat.
  • Toddlers are also fans of snails so mothers will like to get snails for their children.

Did you know that snails contains antioxidants, among many benefits? See 15 wow benefits of eating snails that you can market to you already waiting customers.

11 Simple Reasons Why Snails E-business can earn you 500k monthly

1) You can join Jumia affiliate programs and promote their kitchen niche so that you will earn 13% from the sale of any of their products via your website.

2) Your Youtube Videos about everything snails such as live, frozen and grilled can earn you a worldwide dominance and large audience that generates seamless revenue for you through adverts.

3) Your Websites Can be a go to place for advertisement of other farm related products.

4) Snails are superbly cheap to rear because they eat vegetables and fruits and a single one lay hundreds of eggs which means you will always be in business.

5) There is a huge demand for snails from other countries and if you dominate this niche then you can be the one stop shop that exports snails. See Vanguard story on how much FG can make from snail exportation forex

6) Snail has low mortality rate and even the dead ones can be washed and packaged as frozen ones.

7) The health and medicinal benefits of snail makes the demand higher than the supply so you determine the price you sell it.

8) Snail is a premium meat in top hotels and parties therefore you can be sure to be the determinant of its price. For example the price you sell it for Sheraton hotel is not the price you will sell it for a local neighborhood restaurant.

9) Unlike seasonal products, snails do not go and come out of trends it is always available for all season consumption and demand.

10) You can grind the snail shell and resell it as part of Layers Hen Feed because it facilitates faster production of eggs. (See more info here)

11) You can set up your business from home and save yourself the cost of owning a store, all you need is a backyard to rear the snail, a freezer to keep it frozen and an oven to grill it.

This topic about snail e-business can not be fully covered on this platform alone, so I just gave you a summary sketch of the potential powerhouse of profits that you stand to make when you start this niche.

Remember that an idea without implementation is as good as dead so if you do not want to use this idea why not share it on your social media page so that a person who needs it can maximize it.

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