How The Power Of Sex Appeal Seal Business Deals

If advertisements believe in the power of sex appeal, so should you if you want your business to thrive.

In the year 2014 when I was working as an apprentice/protege of an advertising executive we visited a very high and mighty politician to pitch for a multi-million naira worth of advertising deal.

On getting to the politicians’ office we met some other top advertising executives who gave my mentor creeps because according to him he stood no chance beside those high and mighty executives.

The first advertising executive who went for a pitch came out smiling in his multimillionaire suit,shoes and wristwatch not to mention the scent of his perfume and his baritone rich voice that secretly proclaimed that the job would be his without a doubt.

My mentor turned to me and said ” I told you we stood no chance against these folks” .

Well I didn’t agree until I tried my last desperate strategy.”The game changer Chioma”

Chioma came into the politician’s reception room dressed in a white knee length dress, her high heels shoes made her 5″11 stature to tower above all the advertising executives who were already drooling over this hot looking light complexion lady.

Her arrival coincided with when my mentor was summoned into the politician’s office to pitch his own campaign. My mentor, Chioma and I darted into the powerful politicians’ office and the next event left my mentor in shock.

Five minutes before our presentation was over the smiling politician awarded my mentor the contract as well as 7 extra figure bonus.

The other advertising executives who had earlier pitched their campaign were all in awe as they looked at us as if we just discovered fire.

The truth about that day was that my mentor was poorly prepared,under dressed and timid by the caliber of ad execs he met at that politicians’ office.

His presentation was whack and I must admit he didn’t nail it, probably because he was star struck by the politician.

How did he land such a mouth watering deal?

You already guessed right,Chioma was his secret weapon. Or should I say the secret weapon I introduced on his behalf.

I met Chioma as a prostitute whom I revamped and taught a secret of how to use her priceless curves to earn a professional living just few weeks before that presentation.

When I observed the poor body language of my mentor I called Chioma to come meet us and she followed my instructions to the letter and used her sexy body language to win that multi-million naira contract for us.

You can’t reinvent the wheel by saying you won’t maximize the power of  sex appeal in your business,because in this world where Kim Kardashian have more social media followers than your President, you have to follow the bandwagon or forever get kicked out of business.

Have you ever seen a product that display ugly model? No I doubt that.

If that is the case , then why deny your business a potential for growth by fronting it with physically unappealing people.

Business School doesn’t teach sex appeal but our biological nature tells us to naturally gravitate towards beautiful people.

Emotions is what sell in the market place of ideas and our senses like to associate with positive feelings which automatically occurs when we are around sexy people.

Scientists claim that even chicken knows the difference between a fine person and a ugly person.

If that’s the case for an edible meat then how much more will it be for humans.

The days of living in denial is over because it is time to begin using sex appeal to win your way through every business deals.

Instagram teaches us that sex appeal sells in business, Facebook tells us the same story, Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks is selling like hot cake because beauty matters to everyone.

Don’t look at CV before you employ the front end person of your business look at Curves because in business curve language is what makes customers to cough out money.

A woman recently invited me to come and manage her restaurant business that is worth nearly 5 million naira,no sooner had I started that I realized her lack of sales was caused by the ugly girls she parade.

She is a very kind woman and really I know it will hurt her to let go of those ugly girls but it is going to pay her on the long run because only few people would want to eat in a place that reminds them of their bosses’ wives.

The “bring that sexy back” movement didn’t just start after Justin Timberlake sang the song, it had started since the days of Marilyn Monroe who stunned her time with sexiness and in the days of Cleopatra who used her beauty as a tool for promoting her Kingdom.

Yesterday my wife told me how she entered a superstore to buy what she does not want just because she spotted an incredibly beautiful lady behind the counter.

See how Dolapo learned to mix cream and turned into a profitable business because every lady want to be beautiful, how about Winifred who got 12 000 followers in a day because of her Pepsi bottle painted face.

There are many more examples of how sexy makes businesses to succeed , so do not miss this opportunity to make your business blossom today by hiring sexy hit men and women that are capable of hunting customers down for your business.

Make sexy to become your business unfair advantage like that my  mentor/ advertising executive boss who went from broke to millionaire on the same day he witnessed the live power of sexy in business.

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