Top 7 ways of making money online in Nigeria with proofs(2018)


Making money online in Nigeria is as easy as 3,500 naira and as a matter of fact, your dream can begin right now.

My great friend Olatunji Phillips sought out my advice on January 21, 2017, and as at today, he is a millionaire.

I would have been jealous of him but he bought me a bag of rice on Christmas day.

Let us rewind to January 21, 2017 when Olatunji approched me weeping and ranting about how he was unable to land a job despite having masters degree in Computer Science.

He said” You are making money online in Nigeria”, can you teach me how to make money online in Nigeria after all the government has failed us?

I replied “hey! making money online in Nigeria isn’t easy” but I will teach you how.

Below are everything i told Phillips about making money online in Nigeria.

Below you will discover the most untapped niches that make money online in Nigeria.

Making Money online in Nigeria

7 Simple things to know about Making Money online in Nigeria

  1. You must not believe online marketers abroad and at home, including me. I have been in the online marketing world for about 12 years and guess what? I discovered not every teacher of making money online are making money online. Imagine if teacher A says “I will teach you to be rich with this method” then, 10,000 people subscribe and practicalise the idea, how many people do you think will make money through it? Just about 10. You know why? because a common concept became less original with time. Earn 500k Monthly Income in Nigeria through This ‘Undiscovered Online Niche’
  2. Making money online in Nigeria is as easy as 123 but harder than a brick wall. The international online marketers have it so easy because of cheap and readily available social infrastructure such as internet services, power supply, laptops and access to amazon, click bank, among other top paying affiliate programs. In Nigeria, we are affected by slow internet connectivity, lack of power supply and many more problems that will definitely distract you from the goal of making money online in Nigeria. However, within the problems associated with making money online in Nigeria lies the multi-million naira opportunities.
  3. How much do you have to invest in your dreams of making money online in Nigeria? Phillips said he had just 10,000 naira in his account, then I said perfect! He was shocked. You mean to say I can use 10,000 naira to begin my dream? I smiled and replied affirmatively.
  4. Can your vision pass the Ranksonic test? What is Ranksonic? he asked. Ranksonic is a free tool I use to check how many people are searching for a particular keyword in any country. For example, if I want to find out how many people are searching for the keyword “Making money online in Nigeria”, i will type it in Ranksonic and put Nigeria as my main location, then the result will come out like this. The 13 Free SEO Keywords Research Tools For Online Business
  5. Take a bold step and start right away without hesitating. Many people who failed to make money online did not take the bold step towards launching their dreams. I call these people serial readers, and likers. They read everything about making money online in Nigeria, they like every post on how to make money online in Nigeria, but they never take the step. These are the ones who drown themselves in excuses and reasons for why they are yet to begin.
  6. Imitate no one but be yourself every single day, in every single way and with every single step you take. The online world is very distracting and can make you change focus every single time. Yes, you have competitors, but following their every single move will make you a cloned version. There is no reason for you to give up your uniqueness for anyone else. No excuse. Someone said I cannot write, then I replied, “Speak”.  Create podcast shows (a very less ventured terrain in Nigeria online marketing). Have a YouTube channel, make Facebook live shows and do anything aside from making excuses.
  7. Hey there! Nigeria has over 90 million folks online, what is your excuse for not narrowing your location? Most newbies are so eager to have the .com that they ignore the sweet golden opportunities embedded in the Check out Google using, if you want to rank high in Nigeria, then try to use See my good friend Ifiokbong who is making over 2000 dollars monthly from his site. What is your excuse? Guess what! with 3,500 naira, you can get a year hosting and [eafl id=”2219″ name=”qservers” text=”FREE DOMAIN”]. [eafl id=”2219″ name=”qservers” text=”affiliate link”]
  8. Throughout my conversation, my friend was recording everything I was saying on his phone. Feeling a little flattered, I said ” let me teach you”. 28 Free Niche Domains To Get You Blogging Right Away
Making Money online in Nigeria
Making Money online in Nigeria

Top 7 ways of making money  online in Nigeria

  1. Sell Wizkid and Davido novelty items and create a fan club website. You better believe it, is unregistered. is unregistered and guess what! according to Ranksonic, over 130,000 people search for Wizkid every month while Davido has over 73,000 monthly search. A website that writes everything about these celebrities and sell their Show tickets, tshirts and art works can make much money within 3 months. Also check and 205 Money Making Ideas That You Can Do Online & Offline In Nigeria
  2. Bible sales: There is no doubt Nigeria is a country filled with religious folks, and guess what! over 110,000 people search for Bible every month. You can start a bible school using and sell custom made bibles for a token.
  3. Felanaija: Fela the legendary afrobeat singer has a cult followers already, and with 10,000 people hungrily searching for him, you can launch a site and begin to make money online in Nigeria. Through this blog, you can sell Fela novelty items such as mugs, clothes and wallpapers among many other things that Fela fans are crazy about. The only “but” there is that you must write exclusively about Fela on every page of the site. A Fela fan forum wouldn’t be a bad idea either.
  4. Hey there! Do you know that there is no horoscope site in Naija? and guess what! over 30,000 Nigerians want to know what the stars holds for them. So what if you launched with top ideas from various horoscope sites and customize the contents for Nigerians. Yes, you can also make money by selling horoscope novelty items with words such as ” Legends are born on January ” and horoscope novelty things such as “Taurus are cool, rich and smart” written on them. These 18 New Niches Worth Millions Will ‎Dominate Nigeria In 2018
  5. Love text messages: Did you know that over 70,000 people are lovingly searching for romantic love text messages and ideas? Well, I advised a friend to delve into this niche three years ago and guess what! he now makes over 3,000 dollars every month and has amassed over 600,000 fans ever since.
  6. Telemundo and Zeeworld story lines and downloads: Our ladies are crazy about Telemundo and Zeeworld, they hungrily search online for the story lines of their favorite programs. Guess what! you can begin a blog that talks about past, present and future Telemundo and Zeeworld programmes. The site can also sell DVDs of past and present Telemundo and Zeeworld programs. Also, novelty items such as Tshirts, Mugs, Diaries and other essentials could be sold on the site too.
  7. Suya Chef: Suya is one of the favourite steak of Nigerians, so are the recipes. A site can teach various recipes on how to make Nigerian dishes with Suya spices. Here you can offer catering services for events and catering classes and courses online.

13 Niche Blog Ideas For Profitable Online Business In Nigeria

As at today, my great friend Olatunji is making money via a love message site and joyfully thanking his stars for heeding to my advice.

My question is; would you do the same or just complain your way through 2018?

Check where to buy domain for as little as 3,500.

Check video on how to create a website in 5 minutes on YouTube.

If you feel the need for more insight send me an email

 This article is dedicated to Pascal, the cool dude who asked me how to make money online in Nigeria on 1st January 2018.



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