Interview Session with Fashion Blogger Itoro Essien

According to what we read and see on Fashion bloggers’ blog, their lives appear to be a true dream world. As you go through their collections often, it’s only human to find yourself envying their undeniably appealing day- to day outfits.

Due to a lot of curiosity to know how a fashion blogger’s life and closet is like, I chatted with Itoro Essien of  ‘How I Styled It’ about what her life as a fashion blogger is really like.

Itoro is a young educated, multi-talented lady currently living in Houston, Texas. She is passionate about fashion and loves to share styles and beauty pictures and ideas on her blog knowing that it inspires her readers.

Considering the amount of success her blog has had over the years, her ever-growing presence in the street style scene, and her impressive editorial experience, it came as no surprise to hear that being a fashion blogger is actually a lot of pressure. Itoro is one of the chicest women I know, and I have the pictures to prove it.

As a fashion blogger who has been featured on the Wendy Williams show, Itoro’s howistyledit blog is definitely much more than an ordinary show of fashion sense.

Have fun reading my interview with her.


Itoro Essien
  • Let us have a peek into your background and what growing up was like.

I was born and bred in Nigeria. I was born in Jos, but grew up, schooled and lived in Ibadan, Lagos and Abuja.

  • How did you initially get started in the fashion industry?

I always loved fashion and styling. I believe it started as a hobby. But truly I loved making myself look good and thought that it would be a great idea to inspire people like me.

  • How would you best describe your job to someone else?

As a fashion blogger, I create different outfits or looks, based on my mood, the season and the type of occasion and I write about the process to inspire my readers. Basically, I’m the person you can look to whenever there’s no mannequin or the mannequin in the store isn’t convincing enough.

  • Can you walk us through your typical day?

On a typical day, I would have planned my outfits and setup a photoshoot. I head out to shoot at least three different looks, I have meetings with brands or events to attend. I try to meet up with bloggers like myself too.

  • Why did you go into Fashion Blogging?

Honestly, I went into fashion blogging because of my genuine love and passion for fashion and styling as well as looking good.

  • What is one thing about your job no one would expect?

How tasking it is mentally, before you see the final pictures, the envisioning, process of selection and all is the most tedious part but I love what I do. I just think everyone feel it’s as easy as A,B,C.

  • What would you say is the major difference between American and Nigerian style?

Hmmmm….. to be honest the only major difference is in the Ankara print, but I know a lot of brands that make contemporary outfits. Also, the seasons are different so styling for Winter is more tailored to America than it is to Nigeria.

  • You are a Nigerian based in the United States, what advantage(s) would you say you have over fashion bloggers in Nigeria?

Honestly, the advantages are numerous, getting more international audiences and opportunities is the most amazing part. I can say I have the best of both worlds.

  • Do you promote Nigerian Fashion in the United States or you mainly feature foreign fashion?

Yes I do, I work with Nigerian brands and make sure that my audience that are closer to home than I am are catered for.

  • At the moment, are there certain trends/styles you are loving or Hating?

Trends I am loving are the check trend, Florals and beret trend. Hating? I’m not sure I can think of one.

  • Is there a particular designer’s collection you absolutely can’t do without?

Yes I can’t do without a kitten it of Micheal Kors, mostly my wristwatch or handbag.

  • What are some trends that you feel will forever be in vogue, no matter the era?

Trends like; Velvet, Metallica, Florals amongst others will forever be in vogue.

  • What would you attribute your growth as a fashion blogger to?

I can attribute my growth as a Fashion Blogger to being passionate and consistently being creative. Also, having the zeal to follow through with my dreams and aspirations despite all odds.

  • Who are some of your style heroes and who has been an inspiration to you in your career to date?

Song o fstyle, Kendal Jenner and  June Ambrose. They all have impeccable sense of style.

  • Who is the most exciting person you have ever met in your entire life?

Definitely, my partner.

  • What strategy do you use to get more traffic to your blog?

It is essential to post good content and have a catchy header.

  • Do you get clothes sample from shops and advertisers to feature?

Yes I do, I usually get sent products to review and let my readers know my thought by giving them first-hand information.

  • Aside fashion blogging, what other things do you do?

I work full time as a communications specialist.

  • If you were in Nigeria, what would you do differently as a fashion and lifestyle blogger?

Honestly, I would love Nigerian brands to work with fashion bloggers on a more collaborative level.

  • A word of advice for aspiring Fashion bloggers.

Just work hard and be consistent. Don’t start if you are not passionate but push through whenever you start and give it your all.

Thank you Itoro for giving us the great opportunity to talk to you. You can visit howistyledit for more info about Itoro.

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 Looking good they say is a good business, it gives one the kind of confidence that can not be explained. Checkout more of Itoro pictures below and get inspired by her impeccable fashion sense.

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