7 Easy Ways To Make Extra Income Before Dec 30th 2017

Learn 7 Ways to Make extra income to finance your Christmas celebration this 2017.

The first thing to know when pursuing an extra income is that nothing comes for free without an investment on your part.

The second thing to know is that extra income is just little loose change that comes in as your rewards for an idea. Do not think you can build 10 houses within three weeks because of an extra income.

In this article I will show you how to make extra income before the end of 2017. Free SEO Keywords Research Tools For Online Business

Make Extra Income

7 Ways To Make Extra Income This December

1 Sell Children Toys: December is a time when children expect lots of toys from their parents,so expect a high demand for Santa caps, balloons, toy cars and baby dolls among many other toys.

There are a lot of places to sell children toys this season. The idea is to go for places where children will visit such as fun carnivals, church Christmas program, schools end of the year parties and the Beach.

2 Sell Women Hair Extension: Women hair extension sells like crazy this season because every woman want to look good before Christmas.

Here is your opportunity to capture this hot market. You can get hair extension at  wholesale prices and resell at a profit.

You can sell them on social media, on classified websites and around your neighborhood.

As at this moment I know of a person who is earning an extra income of 70,000 naira by selling hair extension.

3 Set Up A Neighborhood Santa Claus Show

Santa Claus show is one aspect of Christmas that you cannot take away from December.

This is a time to make extra income by dressing up as Santa Claus to amuse children who are the number one audience for this season.

The interesting thing about this is that you can set up a Santa place anywhere around your neighborhood.

4 Sell Snacks and Drinks around Fun Spots

There will be a lot of fun carnival and activities happening around town this season and all you need to do is get a snack sale stand in any of the location.

5 Supply A New Kind Of Drinks To Eateries & Hotels

You can supply new kind of drinks to hotels and eateries this season and earn cool extra income.

As the season progresses more and more people will be visiting hotels and eateries to unwind, this is an opportunity to capture the market with supply of drinks because the demand is high at a time like this.

6 Sell Hampers or Hampers Basket

This is a season for sharing and there is no other period like this for the sale of Hampers gift items.

Various individuals and companies are in need of Hampers to present customers, families and friends.

This is a time to fill in the gap and meet their needs by selling ready-made Hampers online and offline.

7 Become A Caterer For Companies doing end of the year parties

End of the year parties is a sure way to earn extra income this year.

Did you know that as we speak over 10,000 companies are getting set for end of the year parties?

Imagine how much you will earn by getting a catering contract to service just 10 companies before Christmas.

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You cannot take away celebration from this season, so try to creatively find one out of the above 7 ways to earn extra income by meeting the need within it.

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