Meet Bisola The Small Chops Millionaire & Unilag Undergraduate

I can’t believe you are an undergraduate Bisola. How much did you say you made within the last 2 days?

My jaw dropped when Bisola showed me her sales record book of the last 2 days and all I could say was Omg! Six figures in two days?

Bisola is an orphan who lives with her grandmother in Epe ,she attends University of Lagos Distant Learning Institute.

She begged me to keep her face out of this article because she is a very private person ,however she was very generous enough to feed me with her sweet small chops for free and I learned her trade secrets which she was eager to share.

In this interview Bisola revealed how she bumped into this idea that has since made her a multimillionaire within less than two years.

Small chops biz

Hello Bisola I just finished eating your sumptuous small chops and roasted cat fish,how much does this takeaway pack cost?

A takeaway pack cost 2,000 naira .


No way 2000 naira ? Can people afford to part with that much for small chops?

Yes off course people pay that much for it because a take away pack contains a big smoked catfish,  samosa, spring roll , chips, and  balls of puff puff with salad or sauce depending on your preferences.

That is a pack full of value and you will be amazed to see that most people would rather spend on these than to go to KFC,Domino and other fast food where they pay more for smaller food.

The funny thing is that this food is highly nutritious and highly filling.

Small chops biz

This is an awesome concept, how did you begin ?

Broke,sad and close to the edge of suicide I decided to do something unique and fun to earn money for my poor grandma who had been fending for me for 7 years since my parents died in an auto crash.

My grandma sells smoked fish for a living so I decided to add a twist to it by spicing it up. The customers liked it and I then leverage on my catering experience to include small chops.
How much was your initial capital for this business ?

My initial capital was 5,000 naira which I removed from my school fees to experiment the small chops ideas.

Like I mentioned before my Grandma sells smoked fish so it was easy to get enough catfish for free. You know fishes are very affordable in Epe.

The 5,000 naira was to buy flour ,Irish potatoes and others ingredients for small chops.


How much did you make the first time you began this business?

*Laughs * I made 20,000 naira profit on the day I began this business and my grandma could not believe it.

You see people who live in Epe have access to fishes so it was like selling fish to fishermen. The risk was worth it because my concept of using suya spice to garnish the fish gave it a unique flavor.


At what point did you realize that this was a profitable business?

The very first day I began this business I realized a great profit, so I automatically knew this was a way to fortunes.

The next week after I began the business, I got an order from Lekki which turned out to be my major break because it was from then onward that I began to get offers to cater for events as well.


This your Bamboo stick shed looks like a makeshift place,why haven’t you gotten a shop for your business?

As you can see customers are trooping in because they can see the process of what they are about to pay for.

The Bamboo concept is part of the program of making the scent of the roasted fish rent the air and attract customers who are driving or walking.

This is just our way of ‘Africanizing’ the business enough to attract whites and other customers who live on the island.

Having a shop is too cliche and as a matter of fact I pay for this space,although it is not as expensive as how much I would have paid for a shop.

Small chops biz

How many pack of small chops do you sell everyday?

Sometimes I sell as much as 400 packs everyday and on rainy days when people hardly move I sell between 50-80 pack which is still enough to pay my permanent staffs of 4 and still make a decent profits.

I also have temporary staffs of about 8 caterers whom I use for events .


Is that dispatch motorcycle for your business?( I noticed a smiling dispatch rider just came to hand over cash to Bisola)

*Smiles Happily * Yes that dispatch rider is one of my staffs, he delivers requested meal to banks,homes,hotels and to engineers on site. Sometimes he get tips of nearly 5,000 naira daily.

He is a graduate and he is happy about his job because at least he earns 3,000 naira daily as his take home pay.

I pay my staffs everyday because I know what it means to be broke and I don’t want money problem to affect their services.

Small chops bizSmall chops biz

What are the shortcomings of this business?

I will not say there are no losses because there are times when rain might hinder business. You know how Lekki rain is. We just do what we have to do and hope the next day will be bright enough.

Still I do not count days of less sale as ‘forced by rainfall’ a loss,I count it a blessing because it affords me the opportunity to rest in preparation for weekend parties services and I also get to read my books.*Laughs* You know I am still a student.


So what advice will you give a person who want to go into this business ?

Location matters . I will say go to a business environment especially where there are banks, hotels, and supermarkets. And try to do a unique concept. You might not do smoked fish , you could do gizzards or spiced goat meat.

I feel there are endless ideas of what you can add to your small chops to make it fuller,richer and tastier.

Nigerians like small chops and they want it to be busy with varieties, and if you know how to make yours to be full of delicious snacks, then you will not only sell on a daily basis but you will also have your calendar filled with bookings from January till December.

Also remember this business is all about referrals , so you must make your small chops extremely tasty.


How much has this business provided for you so far?

*Chuckles * 7 figures enough to get a new place for myself and granny, to get a small car and dispatch motorcycle, to pay over 12 temporary and permanent staffs and enough to know I will not have to look for a job after I finish my program at school.

I have also been opportune to travel to places like Cross river, Port-Harcourt, Abuja and other states in Nigeria to cater for high brow events.

My finest landmark so far was travelling to Dubai to cater for a wedding. As I speak I have some people from over six states in Nigeria begging me to replicate this business where they live.

I cannot finish listing all I have enjoyed in this business within just two years. As a matter of fact one of the major e-shop in Nigeria asked me to begin selling my small chops through their platform.

The expansion potential of this business is huge.

Your final words for youths who are at their wits end because of joblessness, lack of idea or direction.

Never let the sinking Nigeria to capsize your dreams.

Yes the politicians are selfish and evil, the country is in a mess and everything is in disorder, but do not let it make you lose hope on yourself.

You are not Nigeria but a Nigerian and I know a true Nigerian always find a way no matter the weather.

Take a look at my case, I am an orphan that survived hardship for years with my fish seller grandma until I found an opportunity.

What you despise today might be your saving grace tomorrow, that is if you do not give up today.

Thanks Bisola.

After I got up off the floor because of this awesome revelation about the opportunities that Bisola enjoys via small chops business , I told myself that poverty is no excuse for anyone who is serious about earning a living through small businesses in Nigeria.

You see I stumbled upon Bisola through a friend who ate her food then shared the mouthwatering experience with me and I went all the way from Lagos mainland to Lagos Island just to eat ‘Bisola famous small chops’ and interview her.

Three hours after my chat with her I could still feel the taste of the sexy small chops on my tongue and she gave me extra two pack for my family.

I think this interview will teach you how to find opportunity out of misfortune.

Never give up and if you are about to, remember ‘Bisola the Small chops Millionaire who is an undergraduate of Unilag.

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