Proofs that Tstv.Tv & Tstvnigeria Are Online Scammers-Dealer

This is an insider whistle blowing reports that proofs and Tstv.TV are out to scam unsuspecting Nigerians online through their perfectly cloned websites of

In this report you will get to see the phone number and email address of Bright Echefu the CEO of Tstv , you will also see how 419 successfully duplicated the Tstvafrica website in a way that can scam any unsuspecting Nigerians and finally you will also get to see the 7 mistakes that Tstvafrica is currently making that could cost them Millions of naira to scammers online.

By the way I am one of the authorized dealers of Tstvafrica(see my profile info on their website in the screenshot below) so this report is genuine and you can be sure that I will only say the truth.

Tstvafrica dealer info
My Company name and my email address on Tstvafrica website

Many of my clients and fellow dealers have been getting unscrupulous emails from some Tstv impersonated websites claiming they should pay an amount for the much awaited Tstvafrica decoders. It is so unfortunate that the real Tstvafrica is not aware that some Nigerians are already falling for these unscrupulous websites that has Tstv brand name.

While innocent consumers are waiting for Tstvafrica to begin selling their products from November 1st 2017,scammers are also preparing to launch a massive attack on consumers wallet through their websites that is totally like Tstvafrica’s.

This information below is verifiable via Whois an online platform where you can check info about the owner of other websites.

The Genuine Tstvafrica website

tstvafrica genuine website
Screenshot of tstvafrica genuine website

The original Tstv website is Tstvafrica and according to whois it was registered by Bright Echefu the CEO of Tstv.
According to this whois report Bright Echefu phone number is +234(0)8108240235
Bright Echefu email address is Tstvafrica address is House 14 and 15 69A Road,Gwarimpa Abuja.
Bright registered Tstv under Bricke and Athens Limited. Tstv africa domain name was registered on May 2017 with public domain registry

whois proof of tstvafrica genuineness
Proofs of TstvAfrica genuineness online according to Whois track

Now according to similar web Tstvafrica has a lot of upward traffic with nearly 120,000 visits which is impressive for a start up .

tstv africa website visit since may
Tstvafrica website currently enjoys nearly 120,000 visits according to similarweb
tstv africa visitors
Nigerians were the major visitors to tstv africa website
how tstv africa website get visitors
Tstvafrica earned most of its visitors via search engine

Now that we have ascertained the fact that Tstvafrica is the genuine site where you can get info about Tstv, let us proceed to the other websites that you should run away from.

Tstv Fake Website Number 1

fake tstv website
Be warned this is a fake tstv website

Tstv.TV is one site that perfected their scam by adding an https to their domain name(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’. )
When a website has https it means you can safely conduct a credit card transaction on such website, unlike when a website does not have https.
You see this Tstv.TV plans to make you pay with your credit card as soon as tstvafrica commences sale of decoders on November 1st, for that reason the scammer invested in making the site more colorful, secured and more informative than Tstvafrica.

According to whois this Tstv.TV was registered by an anonymous person who used name cheap to host its domain name.This website was registered on october 2nd 2017. This website was registered 5 months after Bright Echefu registered Tstvafrica online.
Now why will the real owner of this Tstv site hide his or her face if it’s really a genuine platform?
Blacklist this site right away.
Info@tstv.TV is the common email address that this fraudulent website might contact you with. (they have contacted quite a lot of people already)

fake tstv whois report
This is whois proof of the fake website.

Tstv Fake Website number 2

fake tstv website number 2
Tstvnigeria is a fake tstv website beware of it.

Now this is It is easy to go check this website because of course Tstv is in Nigeria. Word of caution this Tstv Nigeria website is fake and here are the reasons according to whois.
First the owner is anonymous like the other fake website.
Secondly the owner hosted under a different webhost(bluehost) on September 21 2017.
This website was registered 4 months after Bright Echefu registered tstvafrica online

Worst of all is that this particular website has google AdSense adverts and they also want you to contact them to be a dealer , they also have a space for advertise with us and buy Tstv decoder.

This site is already making money with the tstv brand via AdSense and who knows what else .
The site is also showing porn so be warned that this is not the real Tstvafrica.

They also have https which means according to the internet you can trust this site with your credit card.
This particular scam website is a big one that is eating Nigerians at the moment.
Blow the whistle on this website to warn your friends about blacklisting it.

whois proof of another fake tstv website
This is the whois proof that tstvnigeria website is fake

7 Mistakes that could cost Tstv Africa Millions of Naira to online scammers.

1) Tstvafrica website does not have https which makes the site really vulnerable to hackers , scammers and according to google it is unsafe to transact on any website that doesn’t have https(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to. The ‘S’ at the end of HTTPS stands for ‘Secure’.).

In these days when google chrome is putting warning signs on websites that doesn’t have https , Tstv Africa better do something before they lose their online credibility to and that both use https for their fake websites.

2) Tstv Africa website is not constantly updated with fresh info unlike the other two fake websites that constantly publish fresh, new and colorful information that is designed to cajole online users.
This mistake might make google to see the real Tstv website as unserious and rate the scam websites higher than tstv Africa.

3) Tstv Africa website should have bought other domain names extensions such as ,net e.t.c . The tstv brand identity is still susceptible to stealing online because they did not pay for every domain names that has tstv. In the online world a business must learn to buy every domain name extension and have it redirect to the main domain. E.g should have .net,.org and all redirect to it, otherwise other people might pick up those extension and sell it at higher prices later on or worse of all use it for scamming purposes.

tstv africa unused domains
Other tstvafrica domain extension that can be bought by any online users if tstvafrica does not act fast enough

3) Tstvafrica should not joke with its super dealers , sub-dealers and retailers. By now all the aforementioned categories of Tstvafrica’s clients should have one decoder at least so that they can continue hyping the product before sales commence on 1st November. The absence of any tangible decoder is what is making scammers, rumors peddlers and saboteurs to rise to the thirsty demands of Tstvafrica customers.

4) Tstvafrica social media account needs to be more active. I cannot tell why I feel the Facebook pages of  tstv will rise to over 40 before December and this might affect Tstvafrica brand online. However if TstvAfrica can fully engage with curious consumers on social media then this issue of fake tstv social media accounts will not thrive.

5) Tstv Africa website must be more user friendly than it is at the moment. Yes I said it first, Tstv IT guy needs spanking for making users struggle with the site navigation especially in the become a dealer and dealers portal page.

6) Tstv Africa should not underestimate the power of google ads and other social media advertisements. The fake websites and social media account might see the missing spots of tstvafrica in online advertising and take the opportunity.

7) Tstvafrica needs a forum and email opt in on their website. With 116,000 people who have already  visited the website since August, Tstv Africa should have a forum and opt in program for users otherwise the other fake  websites might use this means to steal more unsuspecting customers online.
I don’t think any of tstv Africa customers have ever been contacted , but see how the fake websites are sending wild emails to wide audiences who registered with them thinking they are the original Tstvafrica website.

Finally I want the success of Tstvafrica and I as a dealer of their products want them to enjoy patronage from the eagerly anticipating Nigerians come November 1st . My one cent advice for Tstv Africa is to work harder online to avoid scammers from stealing their newly started show.
Please share this report to warn your friends about these fake Tstv websites so that they won’t  lose their money to 419.

Kindly comment below if you know of any similar scam websites or social media account that is trying to sabotage our beloved Tstvafrica’s efforts.

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