See Why Degree Certificates Are The New Crutch In Nigeria

I know of a 22 years old high school dropout who is into advanced fee fraud as a result he own three cars,a personally built bungalow and boasts of 20 Million Naira in his personal stash box.

On the other hand I know of a graduate of business administration ,who told me his only reason for not committing suicide after 6 years out of school is because he is looking forward to the Government promised n-power 30,000 naira job.

I also know of a local shoe maker in my community who started his trade 16 years ago , today he is married, living in his own house,and he has extra vehicles which he hire out for Uber business to five Men who are degree certificate holders.This 29 years old cobbler told me a quote I would never forget. He said “When my mates were busy chasing certificates,I was busy learning a craft, now they beg me the primary school drop out for money,degree certificates are the new crutch in Nigeria “


As a journalist who is fortunate to have seen so many cases like the above real life stories,my question for you is “What has your degree certificates done for you in Nigeria?”

Meaning of Crutch According to dictionary ” Anything that serves as a temporary and often inappropriate support, supplement, or substitute; prop:”

In the year 2000 I finished high school with flying colors yet I was unable to gain admission into university.It took 2 years extra before I gained admission into University of Lagos,only to deliberately drop out of it three years later just because I felt the educational system was bullshit.

I told my mother I wasn’t interested in school anymore,but she acted as if I was full of nonsense and cajoled,forced then manipulated me into going to a private university where I later graduated from in the year 2010.

17 years after high school and 7 years after obtaining my degree certificate I still always feel I should have followed through on my previous decision to ditch Nigerian educational institution .

Today I see majority of my mates who are degree certificate holders going into various entrepreneurial endeavors that are the direct opposite of what they studied in school.

Titi Ajayi the then beauty of my class turned out to be a Make up Artist.

Kayode Adesina my friend and ex classmate is now into the business of movie production.

Jumoke Odetola a 1st class graduate of science from my Alma mater turned out to become an ‘A rated’ Super Star in the Yoruba Movie industry. In her interview on Vanguard Nigeria she revealed that acting was not part of her plans.

jumoke otedola
Jumoke Otedola the first class graduate who now acts and win awards

Issac Geralds a junior colleague of mine from my Alma mater turned out to become a musician that is celebrated in Nigeria and other nations .

Isaac Geralds was three years my junior in the University, now he sings, acts and produces movies/music.

Not forgetting Alvin Olu a friend from my alma mater who studied History and turned out to be an ace movie director.

Alvin Olu turned out to be a Movie director despite studying History in School.

All the above people I mentioned were very dedicated students of Ajayi Crowther University Oyo my Alma mater.

Now outside my Alma mater meet Dolapo a degree certificate holder who is a beauty therapy biz owner.

I’m sure you witnessed the trend of Michelle Ekure the beautiful lady who ditched her degree certificate for shoe cobbling business.

Michelle The Graduate who turned out to be a professional shoe cobbler

How about Daniel Usifo an accounting degree certificate holder who hawks food for a living.

Daniel Usifo The graduate who hawks food for a living

The list goes on.

I’m sure you have gotten the picture

The above well respected and celebrated folks are not practicing the careers whose degree certificate they hold.

Imagine how super successful those aforementioned graduates would have been by now had they dedicated the time they spent pursuing a degree certificate on their new found crafts.

Degree certificates that was supposed to be a so called escape out of unemployment has now become a grave that buries most Nigerians graduates in underpaying jobs,unemployment and dehumanizing jobs.

Unfortunately many youths are still marching in mass into the over dilapidated universities to pursue degree certificates of outdated courses that are out of sync with Nigeria’s rising economic challenges.

I was once a student of two different universities(Public & Private) in Nigeria and in truth my unbiased observation is this, most Nigerian university lecturers are full of shit,arrogant over their mediocre experience (after all the educational system of Nigeria made them too) and they are willing to make a hell ride out of your degree certificate chasing days.

Tell me one Nigerian graduate who does not know about the bullying,sexual harassment and systematic student sabotaging antics of almost all Nigerian lecturers.

The Half done lecturers already know how crazy Nigerians are about degree certificate,so they use their four or five years opportunity with you to make you suffer for a degree certificate that would end up giving you a labor market tag titled “Nigerian Graduates are Unemployable”

The lecturers of my alma mater awarded degrees for sex to ladies and for money to guys in what was supposed to be a church owned private university.

Gosh I writhe in pain whenever I still see all those evil lecturers in that school,and worse of all they now hold major position in their various departments.

How come Nigeria is still backward despite the avalanche of people with degree certificates?

Why are youths still foolishly pursuing degree certificates in a country that doesn’t care about it anymore?

The current President Buhari has no degree certificate,your past President Goodluck Jonathan has degree certificates, but checkout how bad both of them treated the educational sector.

This is to show that education is not of importance to our leaders ,which also goes on to show it is a waste of time for anyone to pursue degree certificates over crafts.

“It is only a mad man that continue repeating the same mistakes and expecting a different result” This particular quote apply to our parents,leaders ,lecturers and everyone currently pursuing any degree certificates in Nigeria.

Degree certificate is not worth it in Nigeria where Beat Fm would only employ those with degree certificates from abroad.

Degree certificates is not worth it in Nigeria where a Mass Communication graduate would be told to attend an ill equipped broadcasting school(Federal Radio Broadcasting Nigeria School) before he or she can be on air. That tells you that even the media houses do not trust a degree certificate in Mass Communication.

A degree certificate is not worth it in Nigeria where with just one night show high school drop out musicians earn twice the gratuity of a retired civil servant.

A degree certificate is not worth it in Nigeria where an unschooled advanced fee fraudster earn more money than your future boss would ever earn throughout his career.

Do you need any more argument about why Degree Certificate is the new crutch in Nigeria.

 11 Reasons Why Degree Certificates In Nigeria Does More Harm Than Good.

1)  A Master Degree Certificate holder friend of mine Chuks Okoji who is also a lecturer in a polytechnic institution called me recently to reveal his plan to sit for TOEFL (Test of English Language) because he wanted to further his education in USA. Now if that is not shocking enough to you, then here is when you will get really pissed off.

Did you know that TOEFL exam for USA is like GCE exam for Nigeria.Now imagine that a person who spent over 25 years of his life pursing a Nigeria degree certificate would want to sit for USA TOEFL just because no other country place value on Nigeria degree certificates.

2) A Nigeria Degree Certificate earns you nothing more than a job below a white counterpart in Nigeria irrespective of how effective and efficient you are.

I went on a business assignment in a Chinese factory and I wept when I saw a second class upper graduate of engineering from OAU working 12 hours in a harsh working environment for 60,000 naira monthly.

On the other hand an advanced fee fraud guy that could not compose a simple sentence asked me to write an article for him and paid me 40,000 naira without negotiating it.

3) A degree in Nigeria would earn you 19,800 naira monthly salary from the Government for a year then cough you out into a fiercely challenging labor market where over 28 million unemployed graduates wait for a miracle job from the same Government who promised to pay them 30,000 naira monthly( The salary of a driver).

4) A degree certificate in Nigeria gives you a false sense of ego that might make you consider any non white collar job as worthless.

You might scorn businesses such as poultry farming, pig farming and tailoring just because you feel your degree is supposed to make you be in a much better place. The harshest truth is that your degree certificate is a paper that speaks to only you , whereas in the real world where skills get traded for cash nothing else matters more than what you have to personally offer.

5) The results on your degree certificate in Nigeria cannot be measured,whereas raw skills can be measured,practiced and evaluated.

Take an example of one of my cousin Olaomopo who has been practicing hair dressing and make up since she left high school 14 years ago, today she travels to Dubai and other countries as the personal make up artist of major Government official Wives and female celebrities. She earns nearly a million naira monthly,hum not bad for a 29 years old lady who has no degree.

However I also know of a friend who is an impeccable English language graduate and Teacher at Louise Ville college Abuja,he earns 60,000 Naira monthly as his reward for over 20 years pursuit of degree certificate.

6) A degree certificate in Nigeria would leave you at the mercy of rude gate-men,noxious receptionists who are employees of organizations where you go and search for jobs. I have witnessed many scenarios where degree holders get to receive tongue lashing from cleaners, gate-men and receptionists who feel they are at more advantageous position than the jobless graduates.

7) A degree Certificate in Nigeria would put you at the mercy of exploiters who negotiate woefully low salary with you. Akinsara a degree holder friend of mine who now works in Meadow hall college told me a story about how a school once offered to pay him 11,000 naira monthly to teach 7 classes weekly.

I am 100 percent sure you have experienced situations when you got offers to work for little or no pay because according to the organizations ” We are retraining you”

8) Your degree in Nigeria would have you jumping from pillar to post seeking deliverance from a so called ‘demon’ who want to sabotage your job finding chances.

Winners Church Otta organizes ‘Miracle Job Services ‘ KICC Church organizes ‘Career Breakthrough Services’ , not to mention many other religious sectors that organizes ‘Job Seekers Events ‘ just to get the large share of Nigerian job seekers.

Sometimes I wonder why a person who holds a degree certificate need extra prayers to get a job instead of using his or her skills.Well according to most  Nigeria religious institutions your degree certificates can only land you work after you fortify it spiritually.

9) Your degree certificate in Nigeria would leave you at the mercy of job scammers, ritualists and thieves who disguises as potential employers. Check on Google for fake jobs in Nigeria and you will be amazed by how many results pops up.

There has been reports of graduates who got scammed, kidnapped, robbed, raped and fell victim to fake job providers. It is also unfortunate that most of the Nigeria job agencies online don’t verify their job listings, all they seek is more traffic and for that reason they post the good jobs, the bad jobs and the ugly jobs.

Nigeria is also a place where you pay a job agency to get you a good job or sometimes they collect almost 50% of your salary for 3 years after they link you to a job.

10) Your Degree certificate in Nigeria is like toilet roll to the high , mighty and influential people who uses a phone call to fix false certificate holders with enviable jobs that guarantees rapid promotion and fat paychecks. The Immigration, Custom ,Police, Military and Government jobs are full of undone people who got the job because they knew someone at the top.

These days few people hardly get good jobs with CV and degree certificates in Nigeria because the good jobs are reserved for the undeserving people with long leg(Bribery,connection and manipulations) while the few bad jobs are reserved for the other graduates who have nothing other than a degree certificate.

11) Your Degree Certificate in Nigeria need your body to earn a job. I wrote about how one of my mentor got a multimillion naira contract from a top government official just because I advised him to bring a sexy lady along during the sales pitch.

Ladies who are hot,sexy and willing to sleep their way to a well paying job would get employed before any other degree holder in Nigeria.

The fact of life is your Nigeria degree certificate is nothing compared to a lady who is planning to sleep with your potential employer.

The above reasons and thousand more are why your degree certificate in Nigeria is a foe rather than a friend.

Will the above situation ever change?

No it would never change because corruption in Nigeria is the major restraint to what your degree certificate can prove.

No one cares if your dad invented rocket science or your mum invented the term degree certificate in Nigeria, what people care about is money. If you’re still jobless and broke with your degree certificate, then tear it and start thinking of ways you can make this Money through hook, crook or any possible means.

To think the situation of the country would one day come to favor you as a degree holder is like waiting for snow to fall in Nigeria. Impossible!

In the 80’s my mum said she got a job on the spot in Nigerian Defense Academy through an application letter. She retired 35 years later last year at level 14, that is for a woman who got her degree while on the job just few years ago.

My step father said he got a job in Nigerian Aviation Handling Company in the 70’s with a mere teacher college certificate, he retired in 2008 as a top boss.

Now fast forward ,here I am not working in any of the organizations where my parents retired as top officials, do you know why? It is because the system that gave them an easy job without a degree certificate is now an enemy of degree certificates.

If my parents couldn’t get me a job in those places just because they are not senators,ministers, governors or the president, then what makes you to still have an undying faith in your degree certificate.

7 Jobs You Should Consider Doing In Nigeria Today Irrespective of Your Degree Certificate.

1) Buka Business: You know the saying that people must eat no matter the condition. If a Unilag part-time undergraduate can earn over 500,000 k monthly selling small chops and roasted cat fish, then who are you to wait upon a fairly tale white collar job that your degree certificate might not give you.

2) Beer Business: The harsher the economy the more Nigerians are eager to drown their sorrows with alcohol. If you began selling beer and Suya under a canopy then within a year you would have earned enough to make you get a shop for your business. I don’t know about you but as for me people drink beer every night in every corner spot around my neighborhood.

3) Go and work in an Hotel:It doesn’t matter how degrading a receptionist job can be for your degree certificate, just do it for the experience, little change and potential connection.

You will meet all kind of people in any hotel and I must admit that if you’re a very dedicated degree certificate holder working in a position you don’t deserve in a hotel then you are either going to get promoted fast or you could meet a person who would give you a better opportunity.

4) Join Tuteria for verified jobs that is based on any of your additional skills , that is if you can’t get a teaching job with your degree certificate from the platform.

There are extra jobs from Karate teaching jobs to Piano teaching jobs to Voice training jobs on Tuteria. You can get any job you like there and what more they are spare time jobs that makes you earn while you pursue other knowledge.

5) Aliexpress, Alibaba can get you a decent job online. Aliexpress and Alibaba are some of China’s biggest exporters of premium cheap products that you can sell online through jumia, jiji or olx. Just look for cheap 2 dollars products you can import starting with 100 dollars and sell the products at 10 dollars equivalent of our naira. That is a good profit to get you going in business. How else do you think most of those human hair sellers in Nigeria make their money?

There are over a million unique products under 2 dollars that you can import from china and sell at a decent profit in Nigeria. Do not worry most of those products are also free delivery to Nigeria.

One of the point worth knowing here is that you must watch out for well reviewed and trusted merchants to buy from so that you won’t end up buying products that work and look different from the advertised one.

6) You can begin selling Coal for a living. As dirty as this job is I know of a woman who earns 400,000 k profit monthly as a coal business owner. I was shocked when I heard about this, but come to think of it if coal is a very lucrative export business then it makes sense to say that it is also a good local business and what more it has less competition.

7) You can go into beauty therapy business like Dolapo. Well she can train you on how to make skin lightening creams and other beauty paparazzi at a great discount if you tell her you read about her from here.Beauty therapy business can never go out of fashion in Nigeria because more and more people are awakening to the concepts of personal grooming and what more most  ladies in Nigeria like to turn their complexion from black to white like the Nigerian Michael Jackson called Bobrisky.

You must have noticed that I didn’t mention blogging in the above list and that is because it usually take long before you begin making money via blogging and since your degree certificate is no longer patient with you then you need quicker money jobs such as the above and many more which I will reveal in the nearest future.

Meanwhile you should do all you can to learn money making ideas from anyone and anywhere starting from here.

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