How To Start a Blog In 20 Minute -The Newbie Guide

Starting a blog in 2018 is much easier than any other year before now.

It is a terrific idea to start a blog since it is cheaper to own and operate these days.

This is not an affiliate article (I will not market anything here), although I will recommend a cms, suggest few hosting companies and mention few plugins.

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How do you get started with blogging?

With so much list of info online on how to go about owning a blog, you might become cold feet (which is understandable).

Here I will guide you on the step by step process on how to start your own blog.

Do not be daunted about taking a step to build your own blog, because there is nothing easier than starting.

My 10 years’ experience in blogging will count for something in this article.

In 2008 I built my first blog via WordPress as a newbie using trial and error methods.

As at now I know a whole lot about blogging, and I am fortified with a total of 4 personal blogs that rake in a total of 600,000 visitors monthly.

Consider me as someone you could learn from when it comes to idea on how to build a blog.

I am a not a self-professed blogging guru, but I have been learning and applying many blogging lessons for a decade. Won’t you rather learn from me?

Permit me to say I’m a man of big words, considering my journalism background – but I will make this blogging lesson easy for you to understand. I mean it, no offense to the blogging gurus who use a lot of heavy artillery of jargon.

Fine, let us get started already.

Why you should start a blog and join the cool community of bloggers.

Here I’m going to talk about what you really need to get started and launch your own personal blog.

However before we feast on the ideas of how to start your blog, I want you to chew on the reason why you should build a blog.

If you’re to eager to start your blog without reading why you should, then don’t worry you can just skim through the ‘why you should build a blog’ part.

Blogging is now taking over various traditional media such as TV, newspaper and radio.

It is no longer news that blogging is now one of the most veritable tool for dissemination of information and ideas all across the web.

As at today there are nearly a billion blogs online that talk about over a million ideas, topics and info.

Have no fear in the course of time I will also be sharing info on how to make your blog stand out from the bunch of blogs online.

Blogging is a wonderful way for you to become famous, share information and earn a living at the same time.

Having a blog will make you a skilled writer and a fulfilled person because you can see the direct impact of your communication.

Above all you can make money online. How sweet is it to enjoy income for what you love doing.

Now that I’ve revealed and refreshed your mind on why you should start blogging, allow me to add the final few lines.

Starting a blog is easy as A,B,C and you don’t need to know coding to begin. Matter of fact all you will work with is basic ‘what you see is what you get’ platform.

And in 20 minutes you have a new blog.

Relax your mind, get a popcorn and diet coke and let us party like it is 1999 as you learn how to start your own blog.

Contact me via the comment box you need help during the set up process (Although I doubt you will need any other assistance because this blogging lesson 101 is as simple as it comes.)

Note: This blogging lesson for newbie does not contain any affiliate links. All links found within this article are based on what I have personally tried.

You reserve a sole right to make your decision with regards to where to buy a domain name, where to host your blog, and the type of content management site to use among many other info.

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The Step by Step process on how to begin blogging

It is not difficult to set up a website from the get go (you need no technical know-how). I have zero tolerance for coding, so you should be happy that you won’t run into any complex string of coding.


How to Start A Blog In 5 Basic Steps.

These are the five simple steps you need to take to start a blog right now. If you engage in this info with due diligence in less than 25 minutes you will be done setting up your blog.

Choose the Right Blog Platform

How to Choose a Better Blogging Platform (Should you go for self-hosting or have a blog for free?)

Setting up a blog on your domain.

Designing your new blog according to your taste.

So here we go with the meaty part of how to start A Blog in 5 Basic Steps.

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Step 1 – Choose the Right Blog Platform

A right blog platform will make your life easier. I mean it, a right blog platform will make it easy for you to do a good work.

WordPress is the CMS provider for nearly 18 % of the websites you see online. As at this moment there are more than 85 million active users on WordPress.

It is one of the biggest blogging platform on web, with amazing number of unique themes, add- ons, plugins as well as unending interesting ways to make a blog turn out.

There are a list of other CMS provider to use for blogging.

I once used blogger for one of my content, it was great but still not as 100% lit like WordPress.

List of other CMS platform for blogging:

Tumblr – Part social network, part blogging platform, simple to use and free.

Blogger: It belongs to Google network and it comes very easy to use. Lots of users, and comes free as well.

There are other blogging platforms but because I haven’t used those ones I’d rather not mention them.

WordPress is my number one blogging platform and in a matter of time you will make it yours too.

Here are some salient reasons why you should choose WordPress :

It comes with thousands of beautifully designed themes that will make your blogging job so easy.

It is extremely easy to set up and comes free to use. You won’t pay a dime to use WordPress.

WordPress comes with countless numbers of plugins, which will give your blog an awesome automatic user interface.

There are a lot of free support forums that will give you ideas you need on what to do whenever you get stuck.

Your blog will run on a easy user interface back-end and front end operation.

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How to Choose a Better Blogging Platform –

Step 2: Should you go for self-hosting or a have a blog for free?

When I first started blogging I was so excited to discover I can begin for free on any CMS platform.

Before you also get excited about this same prospect, I need you to sink in the next line of info.

When you use WordPress, blogger,tumblr to register your domain name for free and launch a blog, you’re going to be very limited in a lot of things.

In other words your site won’t look half way near this one you’re on.

Have you ever asked: Should I go for self-hosting of my blog or just choose the free one?

Here is the factual answer.

Blogger, WordPress and Tumble all offer free blogs to everyone online. Cool, isn’t it?

Anyways if you want to have a blog for just high school assignment then you can have a blog for free.

If you want to enjoy the absolute freedom of various options in blogging then don’t go for having a free blog.

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Disadvantages of having a free blog

1) You might be online but your domain name won’t belong to you.

Have you ever seen domain names like the following:,, That won’t look serious.

Those are the type of domain names that comes with owning a free blog.

A free blog domain name come with the name of the free host site/free CMS platform.

2) There is only a little thing you can do on a free blogging platform.

These days you can monetize free blogs especially using affiliate articles, but with a shitty domain name you won’t go that far.

Aside the above reason, you won’t be able to access lots of themes, plugins and the chances of uploading videos, images are limited.

3) Your blog is not fully yours because it is on someone else domain name.

Yes on a free blog platform you don’t really own your blog. It is a no brainer because your domain name is hosted in another person website.

If they decide to delete it tomorrow, then there is nothing you can do, after all it is free.

Imagine how sad it will be to wake one day and discover all your hard work got deleted on the free blogging platform.

However with a self-hosted blog on your own domain name, you are the sole owner of the blog – no fear of any changes.

On self-hosted domain you will be opportune to call your blog, You can end it with your country suffix such as .co.UK, .ng, or any suffix such as .org, net, .biz among many other suffix.

Did I forget to mention that on self-hosted blog you have huge bandwidth for images, videos, content, plus lot of free themes, plugins and customization options.

You don’t have to break the bank to host your website and have a domain name.

As a matter of fact you can spend just a total of between 10 – 60 dollars doing both yearly, depending on your hosting provider.

Is it not interesting to find out that having a self-hosted blog for a year is as affordable as few bottles of wines or beer.

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Step 3 – Setting up a blog on your domain  (Assuming you chose a self-hosted blog over the free one)

Using WordPress for blogging

Like I said WordPress CMS is always free, you don’t pay to use it .

On a self-hosted blog you just pay to use your personal domain name there by enjoying the full features of WordPress.

I use WordPress these days for my blogging and so should you if you want to enjoy a hitch free blogging.

My professional advice is choose to use WordPress CMS, it makes the blogging job look more classy and great.

If you still bite your finger because you don’t know what a self-hosted blog is, let me spill out how you can set up one for yourself.

You will need to come up with a domain name you like or that define what your blog will be all about.

Name mesh is a free place to choose the ideal domain name for your blog.

On Name mesh you will see whether or not a domain name is available online, on social media and above all you get to see over a thousand other domain name suggestions.

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What is domain? A domain is basically the address of your website, technically you call it the URL of your website.

For example is a domain name, my website name is another domain name, and the list goes on.

What is a Hosting Provider/ Hosting Site: A hosting provider is saddled with the responsibility of putting your domain name on the internet so people online can see it.

Everything about your website is kept save in a hosting company.

Think of it like a hard disk where you save info – a hosting provider keep your blog name save and make your website accessible online.

You see why you need a very reliable web hosting provider.

I will leave you to decide your choice, or if you feel stuck deciding I can help you choose.

Like I mentioned earlier this is not an affiliate article.

However personally I use one hosting provider in my country and another in the United States.

Irrespective of the hosting provider you choose, they all have one click WordPress CMS software installation in their control panel.

Here you will put in details of what your site is about, your user name, password and boom, your WordPress installation will happen in 2 minutes.

Customer support should also be a factor you put into consideration before choosing a hosting provider.

And please don’t go by online reviews because they are basically just affiliate links to get you to pick what will make the writers money.

Once you install WordPress on your website, all you need to do to begin blogging from your website back end is to type this URL: (That’s if your domain is my cool website, if not use your domain name.)

In your back end everything is what you see is what you get, so just look for Posts, click add new post and you’re good to go.

Once WordPress is installed on your website, all you have to do to start blogging is go to your WP-Admin page usually and start writing by adding a new post.

At the beginning of your blogging activities, your layout might look a bit clumsy, well this lead us to the next point.


Step 4 – Designing your new blog according to your taste.

Here is where your taste, and creative side should come up.

I don’t know what you like or want your website to look like, but I think you might still need to learn something from here.

To make your blog take another look, head for the session where (Appearance) is written on the left side of your dashboard.

Then install a free theme from among the countless list there.

A free theme is great but at times is comes with limitations, not all though. However online there are different sites that sell WordPress themes at affordable prices.

Note to your life and destiny: Do not ever download any free premium theme from all those sites that claim to give nulled or hacked theme.

I once learned the hard way that those nulled freebies websites gives your precious blog some viruses and Trojans for those free premium themes.

If you cannot afford to buy a 30 – 50 dollars premium theme, then use the free themes they are also great. Humble beginning does not hurt.

And with thousands of free themes on WordPress theme directory, you can decide to keep changing your blog looks until you get the ideal one.

Always remember, your blog’s design must reflect your niche and your idea.

Don’t choose a Church theme for a blog that is all about recipe.

Matter of fact just type the name of your niche in the theme search box and a lot of themes will appear for you to choose from.

Make sure your theme is easy to navigate and move around, user interface should be your priority so that your visitors can enjoy your site in all ways.

No one want a site that looks like a masquerade and at the same time no one want a site that takes years of practice to navigate.

Simplicity over complex is the way to go when it comes to theme.

That was the last part of this article that took me 4 hours to write.

You don’t want to make mistake in your blogging experience, especially when you can learn from mine.

If you need more info on the above topic, shoot me a question in the comment box, I respond fast.

Kindly share this article and bookmark it for more awesome info.


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