The Top 28 Blog Ideas To Make Money Online In 2018



Blog ideas to make money online in 2018 : List of website ideas that can earn you a decent pay this 2018.

In this article you will find your dream online job or extra income spinning blog ideas that you can begin right now.

First of all within just 2 months ago I began a blog on quotes that landed first page on google. I was like Omg! So it is still this easy to make money online.

Then I tried 3 other blog ideas out of the below mentioned ones and gbam! In a month I had 70k active subscribers combined.

The truth is that there are still blog Ideas to make money online in 2018, and if you’re serious about getting paid check them out and join the online moneymaking team this 2018.

Blogging is not hard to begin, you can start in 5 minute by simply getting the affordable website host that has all the support and training to put you through.

Are the ideas below difficult to execute? No I taught a newbie how to earn over 3,000 dollars online monthly.

Do you have any excuse? No except you’re too lazy or extremely rich to ignore the 2,000 dollars monthly potential in any of the below ideas. Check out the: 28 Blog Ideas To Make Money Online In 2018

 Blog Ideas To Make Money Online In 2018

The Entertainment/Lifestyle Blog Ideas To Make Money Online In 2018

1) Celebrity Gossip News blog : There are over 100 ways to make money through this blog idea from sales of novelty items to Google AdSense to affiliate marketing. To get ideas on what to put on this site is as easy as following top celebrities gossip news sites and using their stories in your own words. The vehicle for promoting a blog like this is Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.  Top 7 ways of making money online

2) Quotes Sharing Blog: I delved into this about two month ago and guess what I have made over 15 thousand audience, still I’m yet to monetize the site because I am waiting for it to be three month old. I’m sure you have a quote on your phone right now and guess what it is easy to rank high with various untapped niches in this idea. Just get to pick what you like such as celebrity quotes, motivational quotes, Christian quotes, and many more.

3) Tattoo Ideas Blog: This blog idea is tattooed with huge moneymaking potential because many people are searching for tattoo ideas for their body. I know of a female friend who visit torrents site to get these ideas and share it on her blog, she makes about 1,800 dollars monthly via AdSense.

4) Personal Blog still pay: Did you know that your name can create money for you online? The simple thing you need to do is write about your life like a reality show and guess what? There are lots of fans waiting for that starting from your friends. I sold my personal blog for just 3,000 dollars after 2 years of use- It had 67,181 live subscribers.

5) Photos blogging/ free stock photo sites: It is easy to start a site where you put pictures for websites to use for free. There are a lot of free stock photo sites such as pexels and the rest where you can get photos to use. Use Google AdSense and advertising for photographers around your area to monetize this idea. The 13 Free SEO Keywords Research Tools For Online Business

6) Top List blog like listverse : You can begin a blog that shares list because humans are wired to be attracted to list. Just find a niche to represent and create list on it such Top 10 food that burns fat without stress, Top 100 films that motivates you to succeed among over a million ideas you can list.

7) Movie download blog / Movie Trailer Blog: Here you can always get ready made movies online that you can upload on your site and have a million monthly visit just like a person I know who own

8) Speech/ Essay blogs: Students are always in need of essays, you can fill this niche. Speeches for birthday, wedding, burial and any event are also in top demand online, all you need is to create a space for free and premium speeches.

9) Game Hacks and Game cheat Blog: There are millions of games online and over a billion game fans who are in search of easy ways to complete various stages of their favorite games. All you need to do is check your appstore for the top 100 games that has at least 50,000 downloads, search online for hacks on how to pass each stages of the game, write your own version of game cheats and publish.

10) Adult Blog: You can create over a million ideas in this blogging niche. There are adult male searching for ideas on how to last longer in bed, there are adult female who need ideas on how to squirt, you can write about how to make her cum, among many other ideas that adults would gladly come to your site to get.

11) HD Wallpaper Blog/ Celebrity wallpaper blog: You can create a blog that shares wallpaper for android phones, computers and social media sites. It is very easy to get wallpapers online all you need is just to upload it on your site and share on social media sites.

12) Top Tweet Blogs/ Top social media statement blog: Here all you simply need to do is follow as much celebrities as you can online and start a blog on what celebrities say on twitter. This type of blog sites goes viral online because people want to know what their favorite celebrities are saying on social media.

13) Jokes and Comedy Blog: This type of blog get intense viral shares on social media sites. You can earn so much within a year through this blog because more and more people seek for it online.

14) Gifs Blog: I’m sure you have seen gifs on social media sites, this types of blog always get viral shares and it is very easy to begin. On android phones it is easy to get gifs making app that you can use. There are also a lot of gifs on social media sites that you can post on your blog.

15) Quiz Website: I began this site last year and already I have 50,000 users registered on it actively visiting it. Quizzes are entertaining and interesting so it is always easy to get viral share for this type of blog. I make about 3,509 dollars from this site monthly and I don’t complain.

16) Two Fighting Video Blog: This type of blog get insane shares on social media. I watch videos that begins like this “These two hot babes beat themselves silly over a rich man” “Woman caught her husband cheating and you won’t believe the beating that happened next” . This type of blog has mass appeal.

The above entertainment/lifestyle blog Ideas are sure to make money online In 2018, now check out the next category.


 Blog Ideas To Make Money Online In 2018

Self Help and Infotainment Blog Ideas To Make Money Online In 2018

17) Exam Cheats/ Past Questions blog: Till the end of time exams will always trend. This is your opportunity to begin a blog that shares secrets on how to pass exams and past questions that students can visit your site and learn from.

18) YouTube Videos Transcription Blogs. You can visit YouTube and search for viral videos, then do a transcription on them and publish. For example you can start a motivational tips blog by visiting YouTube to watch motivational videos and do transcription on them for your site using all the necessary keywords.

19) Science /latest technology Blog: You can create a blog on any science niche/topics/ sub niches and publish articles worth sharing on social media. Yes people want to know latest scientific discoveries and every other interesting things happening in technology world.

20) Android Apps and Phones blog: There are people who search for info on the necessary apps for their android phones, they also seek to know what type of phone is great as well as functions of certain phones. Here you can always get ideas online and just republish using your own words.

21) Pets Blogs: Here you can write about the nature of various pets, how to understand various pets as well as directories of pet stores plus vets online. The list are endless as per what you can do with this niche.

22) Tutorials Blog: Teach people how to do something very important such as how to bake, how to propose a toast among many other useful do it yourself ideas that people search for online.

23) Food Recipes Blog : This Site is as easy as one two three, because you have access to content on YouTube, just do a transcription of every recipes video you see and publish it on your blog to get thousands of dedicated fans feeding hungrily from the info you share.  Cost-Effective Ways of Increasing Traffic to Your Website

24) Classifieds websites: This type of website has a lot of sub niches such as real estate, cars, fashion, Kitchen utensils, electronics among a hundreds sub niches ideas you can create according to your location.

25) Interior Design Blog: I know of a good friend who just search online for interior designs and publish it on her site. For example kitchen designs, office design, bedroom design, dog house design among many others. She gets about a hundred thousand monthly share on Facebook, Twitter and the last time I saw her she was like ‘See my new Benz, this online moneymaking thing is real’.

26) Themes /Plugins Blog: My friend has 200,000 monthly visits by just publishing themes for websites. He spends just 2 hours on his blog daily and gets the 7 month income of hardworking office staffs. How does he do this? He goes to Vesta themes to download nulled version then put it on his site for people to download. Simple way to earn online income because everyone want a theme for their sites and guess what there are over 30 billion sites online.

27) Expensive and Cheap Stuffs Blog: Begin a blog about costly things, such as the most expensive and cheapest places to live in Nigeria. The most expensive restaurants in the world, among many other lists of things.

28) Question and Answers Blog: Quora has over 100 million subscribers already. This type of blog is easy to begin , all you need to do is just stick to a niche such as Teen asks , Parenting, Single ladies ask among many other ideas that you know people search for online. You will have a lot of people trooping into this type of site to answer questions and ask questions. What more Google will like your site for always providing solution so you will rank high in no time.

The above self-help and Infotainment blog Ideas to make money online In 2018, and I’m so sure about all of them.

If you want a perfect website hosting for your choice blog idea, then go for the best here.

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